Newbies: Bloggers, posts & overwhelm

Overwhelm…. Do you ever suffer from that feeling of drowning under your todo list? Endless lists of things you need to do and for every one you tick off at least another couple  of tasks are added. It can feel very paralysing, especially as a newer blogger. You see the overwhelm stems from a place of abundance. There are so many things you could do with your blog. So many directions you could take. It’s this vast opportunity that often adds to our feelings of overwhelm. Before I highlight my favourite new bloggers of this month I wanted to give you a few quick tips to dealing with those overwhelmed feelings if (or when!) they appear. 

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  1. Remember often it is a good thing that you are overwhelmed. You have opportunity and so many possibilities. Switch it from feeling like a scarcity issue to an abundance one.
  2. Think about the next most important thing you need to do to move forward and focus on that. Nothing else. 
  3. Reduce your content consumption. It is fabulous that there is such a vast amount of information out there on the world wide web but you don’t need to read it all! Take a step back and just reduce your intake until you are feeling more in control.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others. You might be lusting after someone’s Instagram feed, feeling inferior and overwhelmed. What you don’t know is perhaps their husband is a pro photography who shoots all the pictures. 


There are four quick tips to help you move forward when overwhelm strikes. So now onto my pick of posts for this month.


As usual the bloggers are defying their moniker of ‘newbie’ and writing with a brilliance that surpasses this newbie status. Let’s get stuck in;




There you have it, ten awesome posts for you to get your teeth into. Why not put your feet up with a brew and get stuck in. They might like a cheeky follow too. 


If you want to join a group of proactive bloggers don’t forget to check out my Facebook group, the Mamapreneur Revolution. See you on the inside.



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About Aby Moore

Aby Moore is a mum of one feisty little girl and blogs over at You Baby Me Mummy on all things family, lifestyle and being a Mamapreneur. After starting her blog in Aug 2013, Aby won the Best Non Dad blog in the Love All Dads annual blog awards in 2014 and was Family Finalist in the BIBs in 2015, Video Finalist in 2016 and Social Media Finalist in 2017. Her blog was originally an online memory keeper but quickly transformed her life. Now working as a full-time blogger and social media manager, she helps fellow bloggers by writing regular blogging tips posts, courses and is fully immersed within the community, including her own Mamapreneur Revolution community. She can be found on Twitter @youbabymemummy