9 signs it’s the end of the school year

Christmas time is always hectic.  But the end of the school year brings with it a to-do list that can rival Santa’s. 

So. Much. To. Remember.

Your head is spinning and you don’t remember what you volunteered yourself to do at the school fete.  These are the signs that it is definitely the end of the school year.


1 Your Calendar is full

End of year photos, non uniform days, disco’s, transition days.  It all goes a bit mental at the end of the school year and leaves very little room for anything else on your calendar.  You wake up in a cold sweat dreaming that you sent your kid to school in his uniform on dress up day and they will hate you forever more.


2 The school uniform is on it’s last legs

Your children look like they are auditioning for a role in Oliver.  The T-shirts have dubious stains, there’s a hole in jumper, and you are desperately trying to ignore the fact that your kid has had a growth spurt and is moaning that their shoes are rubbing their toes.  Suck it up kid.  No new shoes in July.


3 You’ve attended the School Fete

There are only ever two types of weather for school fete day:

1 Pouring rain

2 Sweltering heatwave

Either way there’s going to be a tantrum when you have to get your toddler off the bouncy castle.


4 You’ve welled up when you have read their school report

Is it normal to want to hug the teacher after reading it?  Because they made you feel like you might just be doing ok at this parenting gig.  You’ve also questioned why your darling offspring can’t use their excellent listening skills at home.

Ignore that one person on facebook who moans about all of the #proud status updates.  You’ve paid your dues with poonami’s and tantrums.  Flaunt that #proud.


5 You’ve googled ‘stuff to do in the summer holidays’

and have stated the forms for a second mortgage to be able to fund it all!


6 You’ve been surprised by how much sport’s days have changed

‘Everyone’s a winner’.  Upon attending your first sports day as a parent you instantly regret teaching your child the sports day classics,

Reds! Reds! Wet their Beds.

Blues! Blues! Always Loose.

and of course not forgetting…

Greens! Greens! Bogie machines.

Why is he the only one chanting…


7 You’ve said I can’t believe they is going to be in year x in Spetember.


8 You’ve tried to think of an original gift for the teacher (and probably failed)

I mean do they really need another mug?  Then there’s the the dilemma of who else to buy for.  Do you include the LSA?  What about the lady they do spellings with?  What about the dinner lady who always gives him extra coleslaw?  Does the headmaster get a gift?  Was this even a thing when we went to school?


9 Your kids are horrible

They are knackered and grumpy and too hot.  It’s a recipe for a meltdown.  Guaranteed to be on the school run.  Just keep plying them with ice lollies.  Meanwhile the teachers have a definite spring to their step.


It’s ok though.  It will soon be over.  Then you have six whole weeks with no school runs.  Just the kids to keep entertained.  No biggie.


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  1. 04 July 2018 / 06:55

    Hilarious post and so so very true! My kids are having a daily meltdown and I’m close to one myself’! Don’t get me started on my to-do list! Besides who organises a school disco last week of term and thinks this is a great idea? I just keep telling myself I’m not alone. 😂

  2. 04 July 2018 / 18:15

    Yes, yes, yes!
    My pet peeve is the end of year collection at the moment.
    We all put some money in for the teacher, and the TA, and the bloke who does football on a Wednesday, and that one woman who sometimes reads every 5th week….God forbid we leave someone out!!

  3. 05 July 2018 / 09:18

    Yup my daughter is being totally wayward at the moment – it’s totally tiring and we’re all so ready for the term to be over!

  4. 05 July 2018 / 21:37

    So very true! So much to remember in my case. I sent my oldest to school in her summer dress the other day. That would have been fine but it was PE day. It’s been that day for PE all year. I get it wrong now….