Mums & Tots Round-up: Travelling with tots

We travel a lot, and I know travelling with tots can be a challenge ( do you see how democratically I put that?! )

Ever since our first flight as a family of five (absolute disaster at the airport, it was pure sweat inducing stress!) I have been on the look out for ever more ways to de-stress any sort of travel with children in tow. We have flown around 10 times since this disaster and I always find ways to improve each of  our journey’s  but I’m always keen to read about other people’s top tips. 

So this month I will be looking at wonderful ways in which my brilliant fellow bloggers have entertained their kids on long journeys.

Belle Du Brighton shares her tips here for toddler luggage essentials. I love the idea of the doodle board, so much less fuss than pens and no fiddly pen tops to lose! 

Mum in a Nutshell shows us how to #Win at travelling with a toddler SIX TRAINS IN SEVEN HOURS! Even the thought of it makes me stressed but look how easy she makes it sound!

And finally here are Nomipalony’s top ten tips for travelling with TWO toddlers in tow!

What are your top tips? Id love yo to let me know in the comments or if you are a blogger please link up your related posts and I will try to share them across social media too


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    • 25 June 2016 / 20:21

      Love that, wish I’d known about those travel mattresses when my three were wee they look great