Mums & Tots: Helping a child deal with bereavement

Welcome back to our round up. This month has been a sad one for us here at Monkeyfeet HQ, with the passing of a dear family friend, and it has made me think a lot!

I’ve thought about the blessing of youth and friendship when you never think about holding your best pal’s hand while you discuss the last days of her parent, how unprepared you can be for such a situation and that has led me to question how we dealt with bereavement when I was growing up, I remember distinctly my parents trying to hide from us the deaths of loved ones, obviously in a bid to protect us from heartache but for me that is just not the way. We try hard at home to be honest with our children about everything. Even when it is difficult or embarrassing (more on that in another post though!)

So this months round up has been dedicated to the difficult task of talking to your children about bereavement and helping them understand and heal. Not an easy topic and not one that a huge amount of bloggers write about, BUT the ones who do certainly write from the heart.

Jenny from The Brick Castle writes about how greif can affect children of different ages, I read this this tears flowing  freely know that her loss is unimaginable to me, yet will admit to chuckling that her children and my eldest have in common the need to just tell people, quite bluntly and whenever they deem fit! That’s kids for you I guess.

Jen from Mum in The Mad House has some suggestions on helpful reading and also tips on things that might help offer comfort and understanding.

Finally Nisbah from Five Adventurers reminds us of the importance of truth and remembering happy memories in this post.

I am humbled and grateful to my lovely fellow bloggers for allowing me to share such emotive and personal posts, “Thank You” to each one of you.

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  1. 28 January 2016 / 10:03

    I’m sorry that you have lost your dear friend, and sorry that I made you cry xx

    Thank you for including my link. I hope it is helpful to someone out there x

  2. 10 February 2016 / 21:36

    Very sorry for your loss. I’ve just written a post on how kids can learn about dealing with death & illness when they have a pet, in which I also said that I was totally protected from this as a child – and thus totally unprepared for it as an adult. Here’s the link if you’re interested: I wish you all the best! x