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On the drive to the first day at her local Super Camps location, Ting from My Travel Monkey noticed that her son was unusually quiet. Like a lot of children, he was probably very nervous about the new kids, the new activities, the new experience of Super Camps. “I reassured and reminded him how much fun he always has when he attends summer holiday clubs,” she said.

“Deep down…I knew he would be fine and, when I picked him up later that day, he came running out, shouting ‘Byeeee!’ at the top of his voice to his new pals.”


My Trav Monkey's son at Super Camps on BritMums

Ting’s son settles down with a new card game. Picture: My Travel Monkey

About Super Camps

Super Camps provide school holiday camps across the UK, with more than 80 locations. They combine multi-activities with specialist courses such as cookery and LEGO® building over five days.

BritMums enlisted a group of parents and their children to try out Super Camps and tell us about the experience, in a sponsored project. Families got a free week at a local Super Camps location – all opinions were their own.

As a result, we discovered what children and parents loved most and how Super Camps compares with other school holiday camps. Read on to hear their first-hand experiences!

Mums like: The Ofsted registration

All Super Camps are Ofsted-registered, something that impressed these mums. “It was clear that the instructors were all professional and had a good rapport with the children,” says Ting. “In fact, after chatting to a few, I discovered that some are already teachers, or training to be. I was also glad to observe the structured feel of the fun play.”

(Read Ting’s full post:

Mums like: The security

Nell at Pigeon Pair and Me noted the tight security at the camp her children attended.

“Nobody was given access to the drop-off area without a member of staff letting them in. All the activities took place in an enclosed central space, which you couldn’t see from the front of the school. For a central London location, it felt very safe,” she writes.

(Read Nell’s full post


Pigeon Pair daughter at Super Camps on BritMums

Nell’s daughter’s face says it all. Picture: Pigeon Pair and Me


Mums like: The well-organised fun

Children are involved with planning and choosing activities. Chelsea Mamma observes, “Every day, an activity board was on display featuring the days activities for each age group.”

Activity schedule at Super Camps on BritMums

A snapshot of the activity board. Picture: Chelsea Mamma


Kids like: Activities beyond colouring and tag

Organised fun like “Super Soak” day (pack an extra set of dry clothes!), new card games, Lego constructions, even go-karts or quad biking!

Chelsea Mamma’s daughter Eliza loved Super Soak Day. Eliza explains it: “They made a slip and slide mat, sponge throwing (at the Super Camp adults), the drip and drop game and we had a massive sponge fight at the end.”

Her son Isaac says his favourite was “riding the Quad bikes, as they went really fast, and I also enjoyed playing archery tag and Muggle Quidditch”.

(Read Chelsea Mamma’s post here:

Kids like: Being treated like individuals

Super Camps staff acknowledge that not everything works for every child. Nell says:

“…It sounds as though they had a riot, running around trying to get each other wet using sponges and buckets. But my daughter, and a few other children, didn’t want to get soaked, so they played elsewhere. Gwen was quite excited about this special time she spent with her fellow non-soakees.”

Kids like: Being treated as part of the team

Ting was pleased to see that the children were split into groups to earn points, and her son liked how he contributed to the group. He was excited to earn 2,000 points for his team with his good behaviour one day!

Parents and kids like: The feedback

Chelsea Mamma describes the feedback her son got:

“As Sebby is 5, he is still classed as Early Years and everyday he came home with form with a significant observation from Beth, the areas of learning that they had been working on for the day and what activities they had done.”


Feedback form from Super Camps on BritMums


“On the other side of the form, Sebby got to draw a picture of his favourite activity of the day.”


Activity feedback form from Super Camps on BritMums


An end-of-day result everybody loves

Nell even experienced an astonishing moment for any parent with children at holiday camp: both her children were begging her to pay the little extra for extended hours, for pickup at 6pm rather than 5pm.

“They’re usually pretty good at settling into kids’ clubs, but I never normally see this much enthusiasm for childcare. Super Camps were clearly doing something right.”

For more information and to find a location near you, visit

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Some facts about SuperCamps:

  • There are available in 83 locations across the UK
  • Super Camps provide holiday childcare for children aged 4-14
  • The camps are generally held at schools that have large outdoor areas and specialist facilities such as art blocks.
  • All SuperCamps venues are Ofsted-registered
  • SuperCamps accept childcare vouchers
  • Special courses such as cookery and LEGO® are available. Please check date options online.
  • Extended hours are available at an extra cost
  • Lunch, snacks and refillable water bottle are provided by parents
  • Prices start from £39.80 per day

* This post was sponsored by Super Camps, who also provided a complimentary week for Influencers to join their summer holiday clubs. All opinions are the Influencers’ (and their children’s) own. You can find out more and book places at the Super Camps website.



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  1. 17 August 2018 / 08:39

    My kids were wary at first about going to Super Camps but had the BEST time – in fact, they are booked to go back next week as they have begged me for a couple more sessions

  2. 21 August 2018 / 16:26

    I’ve just read Kara’s comment. I daren’t tell my own kids – they’d be so envious! We’re definitely going to book with SuperCamps next year. They’re the best summer camp we’ve tried, by far.

  3. 22 August 2018 / 11:06

    We are definitely going to book again next holidays. I think we’re all in agreement that the kids really enjoyed themselves!