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Mums in Business Round-up : The importance of print advertising

Mums in Business Round-up : The importance of print advertising

Social media is a great free online tool which means when some guy calls you up asking you to advertise in your local rag for actual money you might gasp and think it’s incredibly expensive and not for you. You might be surprised that even in 2017 print advertising should still play a role in your marketing

What is the difference between marketing and advertising? : 

Kerry Walker’s post Marketing vs Advertising has some excellent points on the key differences between advertising and marketing alongside a great story about Michelle Mone and the launch of Ultimo Bra. 

Advertising is paying to tell people how awesome your products are.
Marketing is choosing different ways to promote your business, some of which are free.
PR supports your marketing and instead of paying to say you are great through advertising, PR is getting someone else, e.g. the media, to say you’re great.
Thus making PR and marketing MUCH more effective tools for business owners. Kerry Walker 

Why choose print advertising? :

Last year my networking group was lucky to have the local Raring2Go! Magazine Team pop by and do a talk on print advertising. You can read the full post here : Importance of Print Networking but here are some highlight. 

  • It’s easier to read : We all still like to read printed things. Come on, who picks magazines and booklets whilst waiting in the gym or library for the children? 
  • Builds brand awareness : In the same way as I talk a lot about streamlining your social media, same colours, avatar and name, to increase your brand awareness the same is true from print advertising.
  • Legitimacy : We are still wary of clicking on online adverts but we do put more trust and faith in print advertising.
  • Longevity : OK hands up who has magazines still hanging around? I mean that’s why magazine racks were invented be silly not to use one. The dwell time on a print advert is far longer than online adverts, which change so fast.
  • Impact : In comparison to online, you are much more focused when reading print. How often do you find yourself doing 2 or 3 things online at the same time? Multitasking isn’t an option when you are reading.
  • Lead generation : Print advertising drives readers to other platforms whether that be your website or social media accounts. It can also make customers simply pick up the phone and call you, online users tend to hit email. 

Business Cards : 

Business Cards are a type of print advertising. I’m surprised how many people don’t have printed business cards, we see such importance in having every single online platform account but not being able to hand out a branded card at networking events. Weird huh! Business cards are a great cost effective way to promote your business and get you into peoples hands.

Talented Ladies Club has some great suggestions on Business Cards and why you should use them. Take a look also at an old post from my blog around design, style and being slightly unique : Business Cards Hints and Tips

There will be no Mums in Business Round-up for August instead check out last summers “Delegating Tasks this Summer Holiday“. In September we will be talking about “bootstrapping your small business” as per usual tweet me your links @CharlieMoos

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Monday 17th of July 2017

Funnily enough I agree completely! Putting all your eggs in one basket with online advertising is going to leave you vulnerable to those who aren't online, don't check social media that often and those who scroll so fast you're gone in a second. Best to cover all bases!

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