Mums in Business Round-up: Getting in the press

Wowzers! Where does the time go?! Cannot believe last month we were looking at getting back on track after the summer holiday and we are already on the downward slope to half term! (sorry!) This month we are looking at “Getting in the Press”.   We all need PR and it can be easier than you think to get yourself featured. 

Before I unleash our top tips let’s take a minute to decide what is PR?  

Sixth Sense PR writes “I believe public relations (PR) is an essential tool in your marketing arsenal. Microsoft magnate, Bill Gates even agrees with me! He has famously said,”If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR.” ” 

5 Top Tips for getting in the Press.

  1. Free PR using #journorequests : Sixth Sense PR has a great post on why you should be utilising #journorequests I regularly remind my networking group about the benefits of this hashtag. From it I’ve been on TV (yes really) and had a spread in Prima including lots of lush photographs which I now own! 
  2. Write press releases : Let everyone know what is going on in your business periodically. I have a great example PDF with tips for writing your own press releases
  3. Submit Articles to Magazine : Susan has a list of excellent tips/points looking at how to approach magazines by submitting a ready-made, written-up article for consideration, in exchange for a mention of your business and a link to your website.
  4. Utilise Your Media Kit : Lorna has this excellent post 8 things I’ve learnt about getting press coverage for books and I love that she has added a Q&A to her media pack. When journalists are looking for great quotes/content etc … this is super handy. *wonders off to write a Q&A oh and maybe a media pack!*
  5. Track yourself on Google Alerts : I’m so surprised how many people don’t know about this free resource. Kerri Walker Media’s post 10 Easy PR Ideas has some super easy tips to increase your PR and get exposure. 

Next month I’ll be looking at “Twitter Tips For Small Businesses“. If you have any suitable posts tweet me @charliemoos

See you next month!  

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