Mums in Business Round-Up : Working from home

mums in business by Monkey BusinessThe facts are simple more and more mums are working from home. It’s cheaper than renting premises, you can work random adhoc hours which is especially important when you factor in children, school holidays and sickness. Working from home allows you to be a full time mum and a small business owner at the same time. However you do need to take into consideration a shift in your mind set so you don’t end up being a busy fool, distracted by housework and the fridge! Here are 5 top tips from bloggers and small business owners in the know. 

  1. Office Space : I touched previously in  the first Mums in Business Round-Up : The Juggling Act about how important it is to actually have a work station. Even if this is just your dinning room table. You will be so much more productive than sitting with your laptop perched on your knee curled up on the sofa watching Bargain Hunt! Trust me! 
  2. Get dressed : Kerry from Oh So Amelia is so right! As tempting as it is to sit in your pj’s you won’t feel like you’re in work mode and again infringes on your productivity. 
  3. Stick to one task at a time : Digital Mums makes a great point that if you don’t give yourself specific tasks to complete in a given time you will be overwhelmed by your to do list and accomplish nothing! 
  4. Don’t always work from home : I love this tip from Vicky Charles (10 ways to stay productive when working from home) and something I’ve been thinking about adopting myself lately. I really want to write a second book this year but find that I’m easily distracted when home. Vicky states that when working from a cafe she gets twice as much done … hey I might even write two books! 
  5. A Working Day – This is one of my favourite working from home tips from my blog.  Ensuring you have a structure to your business hours,  what time you start and finish will increase productivity and stop procrastination. This might be disjointed, when Olive was a baby and then did half days at pre-school my hours were all over the place but in someways this makes you far more focused than working 9:30-2:30. Also include breaks and lunch time. Moving away from the office for 15 minutes to make a cup of tea can make a huge difference especially if you spend a lot of time staring at the computer or making products.

If you have any top tips for working from home do share them in the comments.  Next month’s theme is starting a business on a small budget. Please do tweet your blog links to @CharlieMoos.

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About Joanne Dewberry

Joanne is a 30 something coffee lover living in rural Dorset with her long suffering partner and three children Charlie (2007), Megan (2008) and Olive (2011). Joanne is owner, designer and creator at Charlie Moo’s specialising in handmade fabric party bags. She also writes a small business blog, is a Sage Business Expert and author of Crafting a Successful Small Business. In 2010 Joanne was named Dorset Business Mother of the Year and has numerous accolades and awards to her name. In her spare time she likes to eat and watch crime dramas sometimes at the same time!


  1. 20 May 2016 / 17:32

    I don’t think its possible to work from home as you will neither be able to pay full attention to your child nor to your work. So, sorry for saying this, but, I don’t see the point of working from home when you have a little one to look after..

    • 03 June 2016 / 15:06

      Hi Rose,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Personally I think and know many women have been able to start up a business around small children. Running a business from home around children may mean you work early in the morning and late at night to fulfill the role of parent. When I work from home my children aren’t around. When they were younger and home full time I would work whilst they slept. I don’t believe you are doing an injustice to your children.