Mums in Business Round-up: The juggling act

mums in business by Monkey Business*Waves* Welcome to my first Mums in Business Round-Up! This month I’m looking at those skills, hints and tips that can help you juggle children and a small business/blog over the Christmas period and beyond!

Since Olive started school in September my business hours are less adhoc for the first time in 8 years! However with what seems like forever looming school holidays I still feel like I’m still juggling the children and a small business. December seems to be eaten up by Christmas activities and my working hours are getting smaller and smaller and then to top that off you have 2 weeks to look after them!!! Step away from the wine and stop hyperventilating! Do not worry I’ve some truly excellent tips to keep you organised (and more importantly SANE!) this Christmas. 

  • Schedule : scheduling is your friend. Schedule in a few blog posts to spread out over the holidays. Schedule updates on social media.  I’ve already loaded photos of my children in boxes saying “Happy Boxing Day!” I kid you not! Send out tweets linking to old content relevant to the Christmas holidays. Post something at least once a day.  With all these things scheduled if you are too busy/tired that you don’t have time to do anything you won’t feel stressed about your reach and if you do have time bonus!  This is one of my top tips for surviving the holidays over on and it’s a life saver, time saver, sanity saver!
  • Set your own working hours : In some ways it might seem easier to snatch a few hours here and there but actually saying to yourself I work from until is far more productive.  (and you are less likely to sit on social media for a few hours!)  Cydney from The Good Life By Me has some excellent tips although I personally can’t bear getting up early! When the moo’s were younger most of my working hours were normally after 7pm, but now they are all at school I try and switch off from working in the evenings, both for sanity and productivity reasons! 
  • Have a dedicated office space : I know it sounds silly but so many people I know are working from a laptop curled up on the sofa and BELIEVE me I’ve been there done that even nursing a newborn at the time! BUT you will be and are a lot more productive when you work from a table! Cloud from Working Mums Blog has some great tips including dealing with paper! I have been known to work from the dinning room because I let the paper situation get out of hand! 
  • Remove distractions : Penny from Parent Shaped shares how she has removed her Facebook app from her phone, which not only allows her to be less distracted during working hours but also enables her to switch off at night (give it a week or two and she’ll be colouring in too!).  Until September I didn’t actually own a mobile phone. But with travelling a bit more I decided it was safer to have one. However you soon find it surgically attached to your hands and those none working moments fluttered away, with emails, social media messages that could really have waited. 
  • Go with the flow : When I started my business in 2008 I never dreamed I’d be doing the things I have or been provided with so many different opportunities mostly because my main goal was to earn some pocket money whilst being a full time mum.  Nadine from JuggleMum take a look back through her journey and how business has altered through the years.   I love that she sees every point as positive and that those skills learnt along the way are her building blocks for the future. So many times in life we can see a change of direction as some kind of failure.

Next month’s theme is Working From Home, I’m looking for top tips to keep you productive and not frittering between doing the dishes and watching Bargain Hunt!  Please do tweet me your links @CharlieMoos and have a stress free *insert highly amused cackle!* Christmas! 

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Joanne is a 30 something coffee lover living in rural Dorset with her long suffering partner and three children Charlie (2007), Megan (2008) and Olive (2011). Joanne is owner, designer and creator at Charlie Moo’s specialising in handmade fabric party bags. She also writes a small business blog, is a Sage Business Expert and author of Crafting a Successful Small Business. In 2010 Joanne was named Dorset Business Mother of the Year and has numerous accolades and awards to her name. In her spare time she likes to eat and watch crime dramas sometimes at the same time!