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Mum on a Mission – Ruby Edwards – decided to do something different and make good out of a bad situation. When Ruby discovered that her son – Noah – had a rare blood condition called Platelet Function Disorder, she didn’t sit around! Instead she founded Funny Blood to raise funds for research and public awareness of the condition.

Funny Blood at Downing street

Ruby has been so proactive in gaining support for Funny Blood that she and her family met with David Cameron PM at 10 Downing Street to celebrate ‘Children of Courage’ in December 2011  The family enjoyed a fantastic afternoon, sharing a drink or two with Dick and Dom, Mr Tumble, Mister Maker and even the cast of Strictly Come Dancing went along to join in the fun!

Funny Blood went from strength to strength gaining local and national press coverage as well as a slot on BBC Breakfast TV when Ruby and Noah met with Charlie Stayt and Louise Minchin to talk about Funny Blood  They chatted about Noah’s condition and what it means to the family’s everyday life. Ruby said that “it was a daunting and amazing experience and very valuable to Funny Blood. We were able to raise awareness of Platelet Function Disorder and support for Funny Blood. I have had an amazing response from the TV interview, with families from all around the world contacting us to share their stories and show support for Funny Blood”.

One of the most interesting aspects of this coverage was touching the hearts of other Mum’s who had also been accused of abusing their children because of the bruising caused by blood disorders. Indeed, Noah was only one when he was diagnosed with the rare condition that means the number of platelets in his blood are very low and do not work correctly, so even a minor bump may lead to excessive bruising. If Noah is unlucky enough to cut himself he can bleed for a very long time and he often requires urgent attention and treatment.

Funny Blood on BBC breakfast

So, Ruby got busy and founded Funny Blood in 2009 to turn her experience into something positive – to share information with other parents and children with similar disorders so they would not have to go through the same experience alone. Indeed, Ruby’s proactive approach has been recognised by a number of organisations such as Contact a Family  – for families with disabled children – and Worcestershire Association of Carers for whom Ruby is Ambassador. Ruby is able to utilise this position to put across a positive parent voice and support other Mums on a Mission to help their children.

Currently, Funny Blood is a Not for Profit Organisation aiming to be incorporated as a Charitable Trust.  The team are currently working towards gaining local and national support to raise the £5,000 necessary to apply for incorporation. Funny Blood has already funded equipment and research into Platelet Function Disorder at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and The University of Birmingham’s Platelet Group If you can show your support to this good cause, Ruby and the Funny Blood team would be delighted to hear from you. Contact Ruby via the website, follow them on Twitter @FunnyBloodTweet and on Facebook

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  1. 16 August 2012 / 18:04

    Ruby, what an inspirational story. It sounds like already Funny Blood has done so much – we’re delighted at BritMums to highlight the work you’re doing.

  2. 19 August 2012 / 12:15

    Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for your comments x I’m delighted that BritMums are supporting my efforts with Funny Blood. Any help is very much appreciated, Ruby x