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This month we’ve seen the beginning of the end of lockdown in the UK – and we are easing back to life as we knew before. Many things changed, some things never will be the same again and there’s still more to come. One thing for sure: there will always need for helping hands and spreading kindness. Also, this month we’ve seen a lot of social justice movements taking off June being Pride Month and also Black Lives Matter. So I’ve tried to make sure that these topics are represented in my selection.

First, one of my favourite topics pop up on Rachel’s blog:  Children of Wanderlust. She lists ideas on plastic free gift ideas and one of them is donating to a charity. I think it’s a great idea: they decided together with the children to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, agreeing to give away 20% of any money they received during their joint birthday party. They put out boxes for gift money and donations at the party, then split all the money they received accordingly between the kids to use towards an experience of their choice, and some for their chosen charity. 

Second post I really enjoyed reading this month was from Kelly and Zoey from Our Transitional Life who decided as they embarked on a new adventure of opening a little handmade jewellery shop. Their new PRIDE collection also benefits LGBT charities. They tell you all about it in this post.

On the Black Lives Matter topic I bring you a post from Laura aka Holistic Mama. She’s introducing an organisation called Abuela Doulas – where black birth matters. The first black owned, founded and created doula course. Read Laura’s post about it here: Black Maternal Health Matters.

Clare from My Tunbridge Wells tells us about celebrating the amazing work the nurses at Hospice in the Weald and hospices across the country are doing to help fight the virus by joining in the #HeartsForMyHospice campaign. It’s super simple how you can join, please read her post.

Aaron the Busy Papa has collected 10 worthwhile wildlife conservation charities to support, so this list might be very helpful for you in case you are looking to support green charities. All are based in or have active operations in the UK.

A new campaign took off recently, since the Corona virus caused lockdown has a devastating effect on many places and one of them are live music venues. Katie from Living Life Our Way is raising awareness for the national #saveourvenues Crowdfunder campaign the Music Venue Trust. The aim of this is to help independent venues across the country to stay afloat during these difficult times.

And finally I have a charity related post this month too: with a local friend of mine we set up a virtual charity shop benefitting the World Land Trust. And to date we managed to raise enough money to purchase 1 whole acre endangered habitat (a piece of tropical rainforest) and protect that land permanently. If you’re interested to know how we set it up – read my post. Anyone can do it!

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