BritMums supports #BlackLivesMatter

Black Lives Matter on BritMumsAs events have unfolded over the past several weeks, at BritMums we have been listening, learning and thinking about the meaningful ways we can support the Black Lives Matter movement. We have been focussing on how we can contribute to the messages and goals, and how we can support and amplify the voices of Black and minority parent bloggers and influencers in the UK.

While we have always strived to include a wide range of voices and viewpoints on our site, at conferences and events, and in campaigns, we also realise we can do better and need to do more to be inclusive and actively anti-racist.

Statements of support and pledges of donations have come out from a huge swathe of industries and businesses – a heartening and bracing response. At BritMums we want to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, and have taken this time to formulate concrete plans on how we can do that.

#BlackLivesMatter at BritMums

Here’s what BritMums will be doing in the weeks, months and years to come:

  • Highlight more Black and minority bloggers and influencers and amplify their great stories, recipes, humour and unique perspectives on the BritMums site and social channels
  • Encourage the use of a diverse range of influencers in brand campaigns (We are always looking for new influencers to work with. Please join the network here.)
  • Provide resources for parents to teach their children about race and racism
  • Engage on current event topics on our blog and social media that highlight racial issues, inequality and injustices and help raise the profile of efforts to tackle these, including applying pressure to politicians to take action
  • Strive to make changes that are impactful and long-lasting

There’s not one single action plan, one single approach or one broad stroke. We’ll be looking to make a difference in our everyday activities with our content and social media and integrate more Black and other minority viewpoints into the work we do. We’re excited about the way forward and continuing to listen, learn and evolve BritMums.


— Susanna Scott & Jennifer Howze, Cofounders


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  1. Ellie Lee
    20 June 2020 / 11:03

    I wanted to ask if you have read and discussed the BLM manifesto in your team, and what assessment you therefore have of it’s demand around the abolition of the nuclear family. Indeed it is striking the much of the manifesto has nothing to do with what many of would consider to be opposition to racism but is in fact a setting out of a perspective on gender and family life which is, to say the least, debatable. There is a huge difference between upper and lower case in what is supportable, and I would ask you debate this.