March Book Club: Honour by Elif Safak

Jacqueline Steward BritMums Book ClubJacqueline, our brand new Book Club editor, welcomes everyone to the kick off of March Book Club. Wondering how BritMums Book Club works (and how you can get your hands on a free copy of this month’s book)? Find out more here.

Hi Everyone,

I’m really happy to be co-hosting BritMums Book Club with Jennifer and Susanna. The Book Club will give everyone interested the opportunity to read, discuss and post about a range of factual and fiction works. There will be a number of free books available in advance.

This is the perfect opportunity to make some time for yourself, learn something new, immerse yourself in different perspectives and great stories and contribute to debate about books from some exciting authors. Best thing for me is that it’s totally about books so there is no need to dress up, tidy your home, worry about how much wine you’ve got in. However, feel free to pour that glass of wine/have a cup of tea if you want to!

Honour by Elif Shafak Our first book up for discussion is Honour by Elif Safak one of Turkey and Britain’s foremost contemporary novelists. Honour tells the story of the impact and devastating consequences a move from Turkey to London has on one Turkish Kurd family in the 1970s. Recounting the story, daughter Esma explains how the birth of her mother and twin sister and subsequent disgrace of her grandmother starts a chain of events that will eventually lead to at least one subsequent “honour” killing within their family.

Honour explores how cultural values and family history can travel and impact on second and third generation family members particularly when violence towards women and ostracism of men who do not conform is unspoken and accepted by many cultures.

I look forward to catching up with you all and hearing your thoughts on Honour. I’ll start the discussion with a post here on the blog and you just jump in with comments. Easy.

Interested? Sign up for your book in the BritMums Book Club in the Community.

— Jacqueline

Jacqueline Blogs at Her background is in broadcasting and the arts. In a previous life she was responsible for talks with leading authors including Harold Pinter, Angela Carter and Douglas Adams and casting performers for Digital Audio Books.

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  1. 13 March 2013 / 19:01

    I’ve already got a copy, will start reading!