Manny happy returns! [sic]

Manny Happy Returns

Photo Credit: Sophia Walker

Sophia Walker is the editor of leading parent blog Milk Drunk Diary. Here she shares her thoughts on why she loves male nannies, aka “mannies”.

Men — they don’t always get the credit they deserve, and of all the undervalued “men” groups, I put dads at the top.

Yes, we mums have it hard in many ways – we were created to be the milk feeders, the baby bearers, the birth givers – and with that come responsibilities that only a woman can do. But I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that I couldn’t be the mother I am without the support of my better half. And he is truly that. He doesn’t moan about the burgeoning bags under his eyes or sigh at 3am when getting up for baby and work in a few hours, nor does he lack patience when feeding a difficult child. Men can be very  good at this parenting thing.

So it’s no surprise really, that mannies (male nannies) have earned the right to be considered at the forefront of childcare. A recent article suggested that mannies in New York can earn six-figure salaries, so popular, reliable and desirable that they are.

There are of course some great reasons to hire a manny.

Men can be as patient, nurturing and loving as women, yet they have their own point of view, based on their experience of moving through life as, well, men.

Being looked after by men teaches children that caring for others isn’t just a job left to the ladies. Little boys and girls will notice that it’s not just “mummy’s job” to cook, bandage skinned knees and wipe away tears.

Men often play with children differently than way women do, from drawing on their experience on the school football, cricket or rugby squad to sharing their individual passion for, say, their favourite childhood video games.

Aside from doing all the usual nanny jobs and chores, a manny can also pick up the odd jobs around the house. Women of course can do these too, but even these days men can often be better schooled and more experienced in using a drill, a spirit level and a plumbing snake. Especially the plumbing snake.

And what about me, I hear you say? My son is enrolled in the local nursery – and one of the top reasons he’s there is because along with being looked after by loving female nannies, there’s — you guessed it — a manny among them. And you know what, that makes me very happy.

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