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All by Mama: A place where mums sell crafts

All by Mama: A place where mums sell crafts

So many of us love to craft. Mum Gemma Whates not only loves it, she’s co-founded a marketplace where mums in particular can sell their wares. Find out more about the site and the mission behind it. Over to Gemma:


shirts by Mama Dhurata

Children’s shirts by Mama Dhurata

Are you the crafty type? I’ve always been creative (or so I like to think) and since my little baby has now turned into a little person who is obsessed with paint / playdough / chalk / glue (*insert anything messy here) I’ve remembered how much I enjoy making and creating.

Seems I’m not the only one. So many mums are inspired to re-ignite their creative side when their children are born. Often there has been a little niggle digging away and having children is the perfect catalyst to let it out. Something about having children gives lots of mums the push they need to venture into the world of crafts and make a career from their skills and talents. At All By Mama, we operate as an online showcase and marketplace for creative “mamas” and the products they make.

I started All By Mama to celebrate creative and support these mums. Most inspiring are the stories from our mums on what got them started and their tips for starting a business around family life. We feature these “Mama Tips” on our site alongside the products themselves.

In a world of mass produced goods, something made with love and care has extra value, especially when you link it back to an individual and their story, and even more so if you have shared motivations with that individual.

Each product at All By Mama is handmade by mums working from home, no two are the same. Be it a stich here or a shade of ink there, it’s this level of total uniqueness that is sometimes hard to find.

“The inspiration for my children’s clothing venture definitely came with me becoming a mother, although I believe the urge to create is in my blood,” says Mama Dhurata says, “My favourite product is still ‘an orange hat’ I made for my son Leke when he was little. I remember coming back home from a stroll around New York having not found the right hat for him and thinking ‘Ugh! I’ll just make him one myself!’

Handmade journals on All By Mama

Handmade journals by Mama Katy

Mama Katy makes beautifully crafted and unique children’s journals.

Her tip is, “It’s difficult at times to get the right work/life balance but you just need to remind yourself that you are doing it for that very reason. So put down your work and spend time with the family or yourself.”

For our Mamas, it is all about wanting to do something genuine, something that they are passionate about, to re-define their individuality and spend time on what matters to them. For our shoppers, owning something truly unique made by a mum working around family life all plays a part in defining who they are and what they stand for.

To browse our products, all made by mums, visit You can also read more of our Mama Tips and get to know the Mamas behind the makes.

If you are a creative mum and interested in joining us email us at [email protected]. As a Mama you can sell your products, network with other mums and attract investors to your business.

Written by Gemma Whates, Co-founder of All By Mama and proud mummy to Leonardo, aged two


Papercuts from Crafty Calf on All By Mama

Papercuts from the Crafty Calf


All By Mama was co-founded by mother and daughter team, Hilary and Gemma Whates. Both have first-hand experience of running a business with a young family and are passionate about supporting this inspiring community of creative Mamas; celebrating their talent and encouraging mums to take the leap and start a business.



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