January Foodie Round-up: Food trends, cakes and goodbyes

foodieroundupWelcome 2015!

Food wise, I wonder what trends it shall bring. With 2014 came the popularity of all things kale, around 26 million pulled pork recipes and plenty of foods with purported health giving properties such as acai berries and chia seeds. Having done a little research, I can confidently predict that 2015 will be the year of soup. Also of lobster (which is no bad thing), and according to a reliable source – Kimchi – Korean fermented seasoned cabbage if you haven’t heard of it, which I am very happy about as I love the stuff! It will also be the year of the savoury cocktail which I kicked off 2014 with and for an influx of both American and Pudding restaurants which sound good to me!

Whilst I might not include any of the ingredients above in this January Foodie Round up, I hope you will agree that there’s plenty of New Year’s kitchen inspiration to be had. Starting off with a few New Years dishes themselves which you can either make now belatedly or save for December 31st this year! Casa Costello‘s Epiphany Cake which consists of two of my favourite ever ingredients – frangipane and puff pastry, what more do you need? Lavender and Lovages Epiphany Tart and something slightly different – Ginger and Bread‘s Mexican Rosca de Reyes which you have to find tiny plastic baby Jesus’s for if you want to make it authentically.

Moving on to a few savoury dishes – Super Golden Bakes Low Carb Chicken Putanesca which looks delicious, as does another virtuous dish – Salmon Teriyaki Noodles from Hungry, Healthy Happy. If you are looking to reduce your meat intake, look no further than this Vegetable Pot Pie from Rachel Cottrill, or this vegetable packed Panade from Delicieux. I also love the sound of this Halloumi, Lentil and Beetroot salad from Crafty Larder. Another fine recipe if you are fond of lentils (and another from Casa Costello) is this lovely Walnut Crusted Cod with Spicy Puy Lentils. If spicy sounds good then how about Time to Be An Adult‘s Lamb Massaman Curry ?

New Year’s healthy intentions aside or you could still be healthy and just look at recipes instead of making them, there’s always room for cake in my house. Searching for Spice’s Orange Buttermilk Cake with Marmalade Icing does actually have a lot of fruit in it, so a fat slice could pass as one of your five a day. As could My Family Ties Orange Polenta (No Flour) Cake AND April Harris‘s Cranberry, Orange and Ginger Loaf! I also can’t think of a tastier more fruit covered way to start the day than Hedgecomber‘s Lactose Free American Pancakes with pomegranate and blueberries. And finally, a superb Chocolate cappuccino Semi Freddo from Miss Mamos World which is also healthy because chocolate is good for you, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

And so onto the goodbye that you might be wondering about in the title.   After very nearly 3 years, which I find shockingly hard to believe, it’s time to hand the Foodie Round-up reins on to someone else. Not because I suddenly hate food, or have stopped talking about it on my own blog quite the contrary, but purely because after such a long time, I feel it’s time for a change, and therefore I am leaving it in the very capable hands of Mari, Editor of BritMums and original Foodie Round Up expert (I took it over from her!) However, I shall still be writing for BritMums on a monthly basis, but this time I shall be concentrating on all things Expat, as after 5 years and counting of being such a thing, I am pretty confident I can come up with the goods.

Thanks so much for all your recipes, your comments and support along the way!  Please pop over and check out the Expat Round up when it starts in March, and obviously feel free to drop me a line if you would like to be featured.

Please leave your recipes in the Linky below to be considered for inclusion in February’s Round-up

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About Emma Raphael

Emma Raphael left the UK for Copenhagen in 2009, with her ever-patient husband and two small children.
Having enjoyed a couple of years in Scandinavia, Emma and her family found they enjoyed Expat life so much that they now reside in Munich – where the pace of life is relaxed, her language skills are small, and the mountains and bier halls are very large. Being one half of a self-proclaimed foodie couple, Emma enjoys the new produce and restaurants in each new country she resides in, and has made it her mission to convince people that English food no longer deserves the bad rap it once had. She can be found in the kitchen when she’s feeling homesick, trying to recreate comfort food from home. She also has huge passions for travel, photography, art, wine, gardening (although according to her Bavarian neighbours, she’s not much good at that!) and her family (of course)!


  1. 13 January 2015 / 19:04

    What a lovely round up! Thanks so much for featuring my dairy free pancakes, and good luck for your new adventure 🙂
    Janie x

  2. 13 January 2015 / 20:52

    I love the sound of some of these recipes too and thank you so much for featuring my orange buttermilk cake with marmalade icing.

  3. 29 January 2015 / 20:01

    Thanks so much for featuring me – Best of luck over at the Expat linky x