Literature Round-up: Writing, grammar and poo

literatureFirstly… my apologies for missing the April literature roundup… as many of you are aware, I was diagnosed with Cancer in January and have been having treatment since, so it was not a good time for me and blogging. I am back as literature editor for you now and with great news… this is now going to be a monthly roundup, instead of quarterly! (Somebody must have liked the previous roundups!)

I’m going to start off by addressing that issue that befuddles some of us… are we writers or bloggers? Well if you are writing literature… then you are a writer! And what irritates writers? Bad grammar! *goes back and checks spelling of ‘grammar’*. So on a light-hearted note, whilst none of us are perfect, and we are fundamentally bloggers, this post from Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum really had me giggling.

I also thought it quite comical and also very clever, when Firefly Phil decided to play with verbs in this poem he wrote called “How do you like your Verbs?” Firefly Phil is an astonishingly good writer, whether he is interpreting the works of others, writing stories or poetry or relating history and one for whom I have a great deal of respect.

Besides grammar, what else irritates us? Lack of comments! It makes us wonder if our writing was awful, or if people were just too busy to read. Keep going anyway! I published a short poem of my own writing the other day, for my husband, called “If I were a Flower”. Nobody commented to begin with and I felt very disheartened, but published writers get knockbacks and rejections so why should we be any different? Don’t let a lack of comments deter you.  I learnt this to be true about trying to get a book deal, too, during a talk about getting published at the Britmums Live conference.

I run a literature linky on my blog called WednesdayWords, so you can join in with that for some feedback and perspective. Also since the last literature roundup, VeViVo’s has started up a linky for poetry and prose called Prose For Thought and I’m pretty sure she gives lots of comment love to aspiring writers too.

Sometimes our random ramblings unintentionally turn into great prose, like these of Kat A Pillar, who let off steam with her midnight mumble; which actually turned into quite a talented and telling piece.

Write Like No One’s Watching wrote a difficult poem on coping emotionally with the tough times in life, when you are raising a child. It’s a tale of hope, called “But then there is you”.

Here is a post that I LOVE, which was posted last week by Time to become an Adult. It is a very raw and emotional piece, but not for the quote she linked up. It was the letter to herself that was full of brutal honesty and open beauty and will have you reaching for your hanky (if people still use hankies?).

A new talent on the literature block is the 9 year old son of Mum of Three World who wrote a story called The Curer. After you’ve read part one, you absolutely have to read part two! It’s gripping stuff and I’m pretty sure that boy is headed for Grammar school!

Distressed housewife wrote a hilarious poem about her son – the Daredevil. Anyone who can fit “s*** of a shovel” into a poem has my admiration!

And as we’ve mercilessly gone from grammar to swearing and poo… it’s obvious that I should move on to a poem from Just a Normal Mummy! The queen of merging poetry, swearing and poo, writes another epic about that clingy stage of toddlerdom.


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About Emma Day

Emma is a recent graduate, pub manager, newlywed wife and mummy to 3 amazing little girls. A 5year old singleton nicknamed Bunny, and newborn twins affectionately known as Fluffy and Tiny.

Emma started her blog CrazyWithTwins only 6 months ago when she started maternity leave. Whilst still finding her feet in the blogosphere, Emma has ALWAYS used writing as an outlet, be it a diary, short story, or most often, poetry. Having recently blogged about her traumatic birth story (and trying to raise awareness of HELLP Syndrome); Emma knows only too well that writing, in whatever form, IS therapy.


  1. 22 July 2013 / 10:08

    Thank you so much for including my son’s story! That means so much to me, so much more than one of my posts! X

  2. 22 July 2013 / 11:01

    Hi Emma, thanks so much for including me, I’m flattered, especially in the company of such great bloggers 😉

  3. Lucy
    24 July 2013 / 18:29

    I can see why bad spelling and grammar is annoying, however some people struggle with it. I am dyslisic and struggle. However I love to write. Should I not write just because its not perfect?

    • 25 July 2013 / 09:13

      Lucy I personally think everyone should blog. And for those who want to publish literature, there are plenty of platforms and plugins that do the spelling and grammar for you. So writing is accessible to all.