Literary Round-Up: From grief to love


literary round upWell hello there!

I’m thrilled to be writing the first BritMums literary round-up and have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the literary posts I could find from our lovely BritMums members.

I started writing as an outlet when I was 14 years old, when quite accidentally my lovesick diary entry turned into a teenage angst poem. Up until recently I had never published any of my poetry. I broke my poetic silence on my blog last month on the anniversary of my dear friends’ death with a poem called Blue Jay.

My heart also broke when I read a tributary poem written by the husband of Fun As A Gran, in fact this one made me shed a few tears so have some tissues nearby!

A slightly alternative literary tribute I read recently comes in the form of a short story written by Let’s Dad. I won’t say any more in case I ruin the ending; but depending on the state of your hormones, you will either laugh or cry! Now the mood has been lightened, let’s move from grief, to love.

I’m sure all the BritMums (and dads) will agree there is no greater love than that of a parent to their children (even when they are a pain in backside), which is beautifully illustrated by Just a Normal Mummy in her poem Why? – Ode to WallyBubba. Another heartwrenching literary blog post is a cleverly written short story He slips his hand into mine by Samantha McGarry.

From changing nappies to holding our children’s hands, the day comes when we have to send them off to school; whether for the first time or returning from the holidays. Sonya Cisco has blogged a creative and catchy poem, which captures the contrasting emotions of the Holiday End Blues. Mama Owlalso blogs her back to school poem The Night before New Term, which if you read out loud, with a bit of rhythm, you can easily imagine it doing brilliantly well in a poetry slam!

The next literary round-up is in January so make sure you send me all your blogged poems, prose and short stories! If you are looking for some inspiration, why not get involved with WAHM Bam’s Halloween themed book week with scary book reviews, writing tips, spooky stories and petrifying poetry!

It seems way too soon to say this but… Happy Christmas bloggers!!!

🙂 xxx

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About Emma Day

Emma is a recent graduate, pub manager, newlywed wife and mummy to 3 amazing little girls. A 5year old singleton nicknamed Bunny, and newborn twins affectionately known as Fluffy and Tiny.

Emma started her blog CrazyWithTwins only 6 months ago when she started maternity leave. Whilst still finding her feet in the blogosphere, Emma has ALWAYS used writing as an outlet, be it a diary, short story, or most often, poetry. Having recently blogged about her traumatic birth story (and trying to raise awareness of HELLP Syndrome); Emma knows only too well that writing, in whatever form, IS therapy.


  1. 05 October 2012 / 11:18

    Thanks so much for including me! I’ve just gone round and read all the posts included and they are all brilliant and a lovely contrasting selection from the funny to the tear-jerking! Great post xxx

  2. 05 October 2012 / 15:39

    getting this on ode to wallybubba contains content from, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.

  3. 05 October 2012 / 15:59

    thank you not only for including me but for bringing the others to my attention, its amazing how well some people write.

  4. 05 October 2012 / 18:38

    Thank you for including me, I am honoured! Thanks so much. What wonderful posts, well done everyone x

  5. 06 October 2012 / 07:04

    Thank you for the mention!

  6. 08 October 2012 / 14:34

    I’m new to the site and just found this post. Great round-up and glad to find a signpost to help me find my way round an area that interests me.