Lighthearted relief during lockdown

The past month has been one hell of an emotional roller coaster hasn’t it.  I’ve felt sad.  I’ve felt grateful.  I’ve felt angry.  I’ve felt lucky.  I’ve felt scared.  I’ve felt hopeful.  I’ve even felt jealous of all the spare time people keep talking about when I seem to have more on my plate than ever!  

But one thing right now that is certain, is that laughter is getting me through.  Whether it’s the kids crazy antics or a Joe Exotic meme.  It’s been hard to write humerous posts during this time.  I haven’t always felt inspired to do so, and when I have, I have found myself doubting how they will be received.

For this months round-up, I though I would share some blog posts and social media accounts, that have made me laugh and lifted my spirits during this time.  So if you need some light relief during lockdown, look no further…


Whinge Whinge WineFive Ways To Spot A Mum in Family Lock Down

I have taken on the appearance of a hostage, but one that has been talked at for 14 hours straight.

I can totally relate.  “Mum” is the most used word in our house.  Closely followed by “I’m telling”.


Tom Fletcher

Now I have a confession.  I am totally in love with Tom Fletcher.  It all started when he sang his wedding speech.  If this video of his kids performing in their own music video doesn’t make you smile, then we can no longer be friends.


Carry on KatyThe Corona Virus Diaries

In just three hours, they have suddenly sprouted the horns of the Devil which the last time you checked, is not a symptom of Coronavirus. The eldest has slammed the door in your face because you asked him to write a sentence describing his favourite Pokemon character, and the youngest has screamed: ‘I want my teacher back. She is much more fun that YOU!’.

He disappears to the bedroom and returns ten minutes later with the words ‘I hate you’ written in a purple Sharpie across his forehead. Although hurtful, you pat yourself on the back because he has actually written a legible sentence, which is exactly what you set out to achieve.


Absolutely Prabulous

Mama Prabulous and her lockdown diary have been keeping me entertained.



Life, Love and Dirty Dishes (Me!) – Conference Calls With kids

“No that’s not Granddad darling. That’s Marge from accounts.”

We’ve all had those moments where we are thankful for the mute button on zoom, right?!


Brummy Mummy of 2

Emma is a firm favourite of mine when it comes to putting a smile on my face.  


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Which one is Taylor and Calvin? Which one is us? BET YOU CAN’T TELL (please swipe for exclusive fit AF behind the scenes footage)🦢🕶☀️ #basicallytwinnies

A post shared by Emma Conway (@brummymummyof2) on Apr 23, 2020 at 4:34am PDT



Hope these have made you smile.  If you fancy checking out my blog for some light hearted laughs, I’m over at Life, Love and Dirty Dishes.


Stay Safe and keep smiling.


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They live in a Lego house. They don’t really, but they have so much off the stuff they could probably build one.


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