Charity round-up: let’s pull together in these extraordinary times

The date project: every box buys fifty loaves of bread for Syrian families.

What a time to be alive. Hope everyone is doing ok during the Coronavirus lockdown, now it’s more important than ever to think about those less fortunate than us. Practising gratitude and donating either money or our time others not only helps others but it also have a positive effect on our state of mind and attitude too. We feel more grounded, helps to reduce anxiety (which I’m sure a lot of people are battling at the moment to some extent) because “we’ve DONE something about it”. 

So keep helping and here’s a few charities to learn about – every helping hand is more than welcome during these extraordinary times.

First I have Rowena from My Balancing Act introducing a new opportunity to support The Secret Pillow Project. She tells a fascinating story about her great great grand father – and why she’s investing in community shares with the Secret Project. Secret Projects trains and empowers women in India through the making and selling of beautiful clothing and homeware. It is a social business designed to give girls and women in India the opportunity to thrive.

Next, Steve from A Diary Of A Dad tells about his wife getting her hair chopped to benefit the Little Princess Trust. Just. check out the before and after photos to see how much hair did she donate. The LPT specialise in making wigs from real hair to give to children that have lost their own hair due to cancer, as well as funding grants into childhood cancer research. The charity runs entirely on donations so they rely on generous supplies of hair and sponsorships to provide this service which really can make the difference to the life of a child.

Caroline, over at Along Came Harry writes about what does it mean to be a mother of a child with paediatric Hydrocephalus during the Coronavirus lockdown. Caroline’s family has founded Harry’s Hydrocephalus Awareness Trust – Harry’s HAT. The charity’s mission is to ‘make life better for children with Hydrocephalus’ through Awareness, Research and Support and we need your help.

And finally, on my own blog, I talk about the Date Project. The Date Project is a charity founded in 2015 by SKT Welfare volunteers. Back then, the aim was to raise money for Al-Huda Bakery in Syria by selling a box of the finest Medjool dates for £10 during Ramadan. Every box bought fifty loaves of bread for Syrian families. In 2015 100,000 loaves of bread were distributed. Then next year 3.5 million loaves of bread were produced as a result of this initiative.

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