Life Changes Round-up: The strength of a mother

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We celebrated Mother’s Day last Sunday and the whole run up to it lead me to ponder on one very important existential question. What gives a mother the strength to carry on, even when life throws the impossible at her?

I have been truly blessed to meet so many authentic and strong women on my blogging journey and today I would like to introduce you to a few. They all inspire me to keep on going, with strength and dignity. And a bit of crazy and humour thrown into the mix, all for good measure :-).

Nadine, from the award winning blog JuggleMum, shared her heart with us recently, talking openly and bravely about her depression years and ensuing food issues. Nadine encourages us all to keep a positive outlook on life, even when the only thing we can think of being grateful for is the roof over our heads. I admired Nadine for her insight and recognition that in front of massive trauma, like the loss of a dear one, positivity is not a magic weapon but simply a way of carrying on.

For Rosie Corriette, single mum to Elizabeth Seraphina, and blogging at Mummy and Boo about the struggles of solo parenting, the strength comes from what she calls her “amazing Mum Squad“. Rosie relies on friends, the school gang and family during difficult weeks of illness and finds that in times of need single mums can still function thanks to that support.

Being part of something bigger than myself is what keeps me strong too. I lost my precious baby boy to leukaemia in July 2014 and have blogged about it at Mama’s Haven but recently I’ve become part of an amazing international movement called #oncomingalive. I hope that along with Lexi Berhandt, the blogger behind this inspirational movement and the other 71 bereaved parents who have chosen to share their hearts in the project, bereaved parents everywhere in the world will find hope in the fact that pain can be outlived by love. Find my entry to the project here.

For Leigh Kendall, whose precious only son passed away due to prematurity complications two years ago, and who has taught me so much personally about grace in the face of grief, the hope of a future which will include a sibling for Hugo is what keeps her going. Her Mother’s Day post moved us with the courage and honesty it transpires.

Angela, from Days In Bed, who suffers from Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency and Growth Hormone Deficiency has been advocating tirelessly through her blog and within the health system for better care policies for adult patients with the same condition. Her strong desire to overcome her illness and raise her daughter as an able and inspirational parent is what makes Angela a role model in our eyes.

The strength of a mother flows from within; deeply motivated by the love she carries for her children and by a desire to provide assistance and bring hope to others like her, a mother will always find a way to carry on. Be blessed to be counted within her support system. Honour her with a kind word every time you are given the opportunity as her burden of love is much larger than what the eye can see!

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Oana Papaconstantinou is a mum of 2 children who blogs at Mama’s Haven on grief, travel, photography and reviews. Oana has had the life-altering experience of child loss, when Georgie, her 5 months baby boy died on leukaemia in July 2014. She has now made it her blog’s mission to support people who have been equally affected by grief. Oana works from home in creative writing and social media support. She is on Twitter @MamasHaven and Instagram as mamashaven.

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  1. 16 March 2016 / 13:08

    Thanks so much for your kind words. Life changes are hard but give us strength and hopefully through blogging about them we can help others along their journey.

    Angela from Daysinbed