A life audit with Project Love: Hello 2019!

BritMums writer Annette Demetriou looks back at her year with a Project Love journal. The BritMums reviewer was provided the product free to test and review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.
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Do you ever blink and wonder where the bloggy year has gone? One second you’re writing your spring bucket list and the next, well… it’s almost Christmas. Ekk! That’s me. All the time. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now over on 3 Little Buttons and quite frankly it’s been a bit of a blur. A fun and exciting blur full of incredible opportunities -beyond anything I could possibly have imagined. But what I mean is that I’ve never really stopped at the end of a year to reflect on how far I’ve come and what I’d love to achieve for the future. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever stopped at all. Doh! No wonder my minds been a bit of a blog fog * whispers* I knew I should have listened more closely to Aby!


If we don’t’ take proper time out to look back over a period of time and take in all the positives, the accomplished goals and of course the journey we took getting there, there’s no way of knowing where and how far to throw your next aim for the future.


But where to start when you haven’t stopped for so long!?



Saying goodbye to 2018 & hello to 2019

I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to have a sneak peek at this year’s new Project Love Journal. And, with the help of Project Love’s Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 journal I’ve been on a bit of a bloggy journey unravelling all those blurred together ‘yass!’ and feel good moments so I’ve got something solid to build on blog-wise for next year. Fancy a look?



So here’s the journal.

Project Love journal

It’s pretty striking right? I love the strong typography and simple colour palette running throughout. There’s no fuss and unnecessary flourishes here. Just clean lines, space to think and positive motivating statements and quotes to prompt and keep you focused.



What happened in 2018

The first part of the Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 journal is all about what happened in 2018. There are a series of questions to get you thinking about the year. Everything from the main events, happiest moments, biggest challenges and lessons learnt.


It’s funny. As soon as I started writing, I realised that actually, so many wonderful blog things HAVE happened in 2018 for us. I was just too busy to see it.

Happiest moment project love


Dare to dream

The middle part of the journal is about you. Thinking about gratitude and all those important little things that make your bloggy heart sing. Then possibly my favourite bit ‘what life do you dream of’.


The idea is to allow yourself to get carried away answering questions about where you might live, how you would spend your days and what you may have achieved. No holding back!




Now make it happen in 2019

The final and probably most important part of journal is ‘designing a *blog – I just added that in 😉 life you love in 2019’. Oh yes. Everything comes together here, if you haven’t cheated!


Through the questions I answered along the way, the journal has made me realise that I’ve weirdly been aiming for things I’ve already achieved. #Don’tAsk


I really don’t know how that happened.


I’ll tell you a secret. When I started blogging, in my wildest dreams I imagined running my own linky (poor Becky had to listen to me going on about that for ages), getting a top 500 blog charts badge (that was everything), being a BritMums round-up editor (in my dreams!) and eventually being a BritMums finalist in the blog awards (well… I could imagine right?).


But all these things HAVE happened. And because I didn’t stop to take a pause, I’ve not really allowed myself to properly acknowledge them. Relax. Be proud. And be brave to aim that little bit higher!


So with the help of Project Love, I’m going to boldly step into 2019, with my dreams in tow, and believe in my bloggy self – just that little bit more. Because we all can, if we try.  



My overall thoughts on Project Love’s Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 journal

I love this journal. Somehow it gives you permission to shout ‘haaail yass’ I did that in 2018 and own it. Just like you deserve to.

It gives you the courage to admit your blog dreams (even if just to yourself) and then a little push in the right direction to go get them. To be happy. To be you.

We go through life, we shed our skins, we become ourselves – Patti Smith

The Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 journal by Project Love is now on sale priced £14.99 and available at Oliver Bonas stores across the UK.
Project Love founders Selina Barker and Vicki Pavitt created the journal as a life design tool that empowers and supports you to design a life you love. More information at www.thegoodbyehellojournal.com

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