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Picture: Crafts on Sea

As our children head back to school, they need to stay hydrated to ensure they can do all they want and achieve everyday greatness. That means it’s important that they drink enough water to stay focussed, happy and #BravebyNature.

Highland Spring teamed up with some BritMums bloggers in a paid activity to find out what sort of impact keeping children optimally hydrated during outings would have on families and encourages kids to be #BravebyNature. A whole heap of Highland Spring water in a variety of different sizes was delivered to each of the bloggers to get them – and their children – ready. Here is how it went.

How much water should kids drink?

Ideally children should be drinking up to 8 glasses of water, spaced through the day.  The National Hydration Council says, “The amount of fluid a child needs depends on many factors including age, gender, weather and physical activity levels. It is advised that children should aim to drink approximately 6-8 glasses of fluid per day (on top of the water provided by food in their diet). Younger children need relatively smaller drinks (e.g. 150 ml serving).” You can find more information here.

As children don’t always realise they are thirsty until they’re really thirsty, it’s a good idea to keep offering water when you can. It sounds like a lot but, as keepupwiththejonesfamily found from research by the National Hydration Council, “apparently…our little ones need more water in relation to the size of their bodies than us grown-ups do. That surprised me.”

See how much water kids think they drink in this cute video by Highland Spring



How to do it

Some children, such as Crafts on Sea’s daughter, will only drink water; some children, like her son, will only drink non-water. So how do you deal with the water refuseniks?

Make the bottle or glass fun, says Mum in the Madhouse: “Add fruity ice cubes, funny straws or jazzy glasses to just make it more fun to drink.” (She also provides bottles of waters to a fellow mum who supervises the kids at the skate park, to get all the kids hydrating.)

Make working up a thirst even more fun – Crafts on Sea sets up an obstacle course for her son to encourage him to drink after all the running around. Watch the video to see what she did.



Be practical about taking water on the go – Water is heavy, so if you’re “all on a day out, get everyone to take a small bag with them so everyone can carry [their own] bottle of water”, suggests Claire Justine.

Keep it cool – Someone’s Mum freezes the little bottles before packing them into lunchboxes. They keep other food cool and are chilled when it comes to drinking at lunchtime.

Make it “cool” – A lot of the bloggers’ children were impressed by Highland Spring’s sports cap tops and wanted the water on that basis alone.


Highland Spring water bottle in bike basket

Keeping water to hand helps kids stay hydrated on the go. Picture: Minitravellers

Get your children involvedMinitravellers gave both her daughters “a bottle of water to put in their bicycle baskets which made them feel very grown up… The 300ml sport bottles of Highland Spring are the perfect size to pop into their school bags when they head back to school in September too.”

Play games with water – Someone’s Mum also suggests breaking out the tea set or other playtime activities that encourage kids to drink water as part of the fun.

How water can benefit kids

Someone’s Mum found out that a recent study carried out by psychologists at the University of East London and University of Westminster showed that drinking just 300ml of water can boost attention by almost 25%.



What’s more, the same study shows that reports of good mood also rose by about 20% after drinking 300ml.

“I have always known that high-sugar drinks affect my kids’ mood in a negative way, but never realised that a lack of hydration could too,” says Chelsea Mamma.

But there are other issues too. Keep Up with the Jones Family says: “one of our boys won’t say that he’s thirsty – but his behaviour dips and it takes a huge toll on his digestive system, the effects of which can last for days.”

All the bloggers agreed that keeping their children hydrated during their summer adventures had been a challenge but was well worth the results and many felt that they had laid the groundwork for the return to school #termtimeessentials.

Bloggers were paid and supplied with Highland Spring Water. 

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