Exfoliation: The key to summer skin

AfterSpa Scrubber group shotSummer is the perfect time to get radiant skin, with enjoying the sand and sea on holiday – nature’s exfoliants! But if you are not visiting a beach this summer or want to get that holiday glow before you arrive, then the exfoliating collection from bath and body care brand AfterSpa is ideal for healthy looking summer skin.

As we age, the skins 28-day cycle begins to slow, with the daily toll of urban life further accelerating this eventuality. Thankfully, regular renewal of the skin can be achieved with an integral part of your skincare routine – exfoliation. Perfect for removing dull layers and dead skin cells, exfoliation is the effective way to achieve radiant and healthy skin as the temperature rises. During the warmer months especially, the suns UV rays can play havoc on the skin by damaging and weakening it as oxidation is created. This in turn causes an increase in the release of toxins which can encourage blocked pores and those always badly timed breakouts. Helping to unclog the pores and remove excess oil, lotions and creams from your day in the sunshine, Afterspa present their greatest exfoliating products for healthier skin all summer long. We asked BritMums Round-up Editors to try out these products and let us know how they fared.

AfterSpa Bath & Shower Facial Mirco Scrubber Facial Micro Scrubber, £6. Designed especially for your face, this compact and perfectly formed facial scrubber is easy to use and fits comfortably into a travel or gym bag, so that you are never without it. Used daily, the Facial Micro Scrubber will help you fast-track your way to healthy, clear skin.

Liz Burton from Me and My Shadow says:
“The Afterspa Facial Micro Scrubber is such an easy way to thoroughly clean your skin. I suffer from occasional dry skin patches and it’s made a real difference, I can feel it’s sloughed off dead skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth and looking glowing. It’s a great way to be more eco friendly in the bathroom, no more disposable wipes! My tween daughter is already experiencing greasy skin, blocked pores and black heads so I’ll be getting one for her too as it’s a gentle way to get a deep clean without the use of harsh chemicals on her delicate skin. I’d definitely recommend this product.”

Mandi Morrison from Hex Mum Blog echoes her thoughts. She says: “I love this facial scrubber, it is soft against my face and neck but I can definitely feel it exfoliating all the key areas, it is easy to hold and use, but my favourite part is the fact you can attach the packet with the micro scrubber inside onto any surface using the accompanying suction cap, which means I can have it close to hand in any area of the bathroom!”

AfterSpa Bath & Shower Round Dual Texture Scrubber Round Dual Texture Scrubber, £6.50. This dual textured scrubber offers expert exfoliation and deep cleansing for your entire body. The soft flannel side is perfect for sensitive areas, whilst the firmer side is excellent for exfoliating large areas, in particular the legs, buttocks, stomach and arms, to help encourage better circulation and a smoother tone to the skin. A dynamic product that is excellent for stimulating your lymphatic system.

Maria Tumolo from The Tiger Tales has had the most pleasant experience using the AfterSpa Texture Scrubber. She says: “Bath sponges and puffs tend be either too soft or too rough for my preference. I was able to use AfterSpa’s scrubber every day for one week without irritation. The round shape and size was perfect for my body. I used the soft side on some days and the coarser side on occasion when I wanted deeper exfoliation. I tried it with shower foams and gels; in every instance it was effective. AfterSpa’s scrubber simply brushed away my stresses in the shower. Best of all I’ve got a lovely natural glow and super soft smooth skin!”

AfterSpa Bath & Shower Cleansing Puffs Cleansing Puffs, £6. Perfect for removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores, this deep-cleansing puff duo pack works brilliantly on its own with water, or use after your favourite cleanser or face pack to ensure your skin is clear of leftover residue. Designed with the spa experience in mind and not tested on animals, each item comes in its own ingenious multi-use packaging, complete with a suction tab, so that it can be hung in your bath or shower to double up as a neat holder for your product.

Sam Wills from Mouse, Moo & Me Too says of the cleansing puffs:
“My skin is a tricky old beast – my youngest is 18 months old and I’m still batting with hormonal changes. It usually veers towards being normal/dry, with some oily areas on my T-zone. I love a really good face scrub 3-4 times a week, alternating between that and a cream or gel wash. So I was looking forward to trying these AfterSpa cleansing puffs for BritMums. I thought it wise not to use exfoliating product ON an exfoliating sponge, so I stuck to my gentle gel cleanser. The puff cleared away dirt, even my stubborn eye make-up residue, and left my skin feeling fresh and zingy – it looked lovely and bright from the first use. The pointy oval shape meant that I could get stuck right into the skin either side of my nose, too. I tried the puff for a week, and I have to say it got a little rougher with each day…to the point where my skin started to feel quite sore and was drier than normal. I’d definitely continue to use these puffs, but perhaps twice a week rather than daily.”

Nadine Hill at JuggleMum also tried the cleansing puffs. She writes: “I haven’t used a product like this since I was in my teens – simply because I don’t seem to have the time these days! However the packaging with its suction cap make the product easy to place in your shower so it is there for when you are washing daily – this just seems to make it easier to use! I liked the texture of the puffs, tough enough to feel like they are working but not too scratchy, and I enjoyed feeling like I had pampered myself afterwards, using this puff felt like I was taking time out for me – something all us mums should do!”

To keep your skin in its finest condition this summer, try out the Exfoliating Collection from AfterSpa yourself! AfterSpa is available in selected Boots Stores nationwide.

We were sent samples from AfterSpa for the purpose of this review.

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