June photo challenge: Get snapping!

snaphappybadgeFINAL-200x200Like taking pics? Enjoy taking part in a little fun? Join in #SnapHappyBritMums, our daily photo challenge!

Each day we set a theme, and all you need to do is be creative and snap away!

Go crazy on your blog, Twitter and  your photo sharing apps. Just make sure you tag your pics #SnapHappyBritMums.

We’ll follow the stream and select a few to pin our Pinterest board (which now shows up on the front page of the BritMums site!)

We have a badge for anyone who participates. Just head over here, grab it and display on your blog.

So here goes, the photo prompts for June, one, two, three … snap!

1. Sunshine    –  Sunday 1st June

2. Fascinating – Monday 2nd June

3. Black – Tuesday 3rd June

4.  Storage – Wednesday 4th June

5. Tree – Thursday 5th June

6. Poster – Friday 6th June

7. Bargain – Saturday 7th June

8.  Shower – Sunday 8th June

9. Ouch!- Monday 9th June

10. Dining in or out – Tuesday 10th June

11. Luxury item – Wednesday 11th June

12. Pets and Parks – Thursday 12th June

13. Baking – Friday 13th June

14. Vehicle – Saturday 14th June

15. Barbecue- Sunday 15th June

16. Anitique/retro item – Monday 16th June

17. Fave view – Tuesday 17th June

18. Swimming – Wednesday 18th June

19. BritMums Live – getting ready to go – Thursday 19th June

20. BritMums Live Blogger friends – Friday 20th June

21. BritMums Live fashion – Saturday 21st June

22. BritMums Live best bits – Sunday 22 June

23. Picnic – Monday 23rd June

24. Firsts – Tuesday 24th June 

25. Craft – Wednesday 25th June

26. Grass – Thursday 26th June

27. Fair or Fayre – Friday 27th June

28. Hat – Saturday 28th June

29. Guilty pleasure – Sunday 29th June

30.  Sports Day – Monday 30th June

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  1. 03 June 2014 / 23:02

    Great challenge!
    I was looking for the ‘Snap It, Pin It, Tweet It’ badge

  2. 23 June 2014 / 01:48

    Love this!