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Following participating in our BritMums G+ Hangout on family friendly work practices, John Adams (DadBlogUK) recently interviewed Nick Clegg about the topic. Here’s his story.


Just the other day I attended an event at the London HQ of professional services giant Deloitte. The event had seen my appearance on the BritMums Hangout with Jo Swinson on shared parental leave, and had arranged to discuss family friendly work practices and what employers could do to be more flexible so staff could strike a good work/life balance. The guest of honour was Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and he gave up a few minutes of his time to speak to me. You can read my blog post here.

Clegg made some very interesting comments and observations. His comments about changing society’s perceptions of dads and men were particularly interesting, as were his remarks about achieving better equality for women in the workplace.

Here, however, is my guide to interviewing Nick Clegg:

  1. Turn up at your youngest child’s nursery an hour earlier than expected, place your child in the arms of the first staff member you see, declare you’re on a “secret mission” and dash off to the bewilderment of the two mums also trying to hand over their kids.
  2. Arrive half an hour early at your eldest child’s school in the hope a friendly mum or dad might be able to look after your offspring so you can leg it to London.
  3. Leave the playground at the usual time when point 2) fails and get stuck in heavy traffic. Swear profusely.
  4. Catch train to London and arrive on time (really).
  5. Use a well-known map app on your mobile to try to find Deloitte’s offices but get horrendously lost. Swear profusely.
  6. Turn up 20 minutes late looking cool, calm and collected.
  7. Listen as an amazingly diverse array of Deloitte mums, dads and parents-to-be discuss their thoughts on flexible working with Nick Clegg.
  8. Get a few minutes with Nick Clegg himself and in a fit of extreme vanity ask if he will pose for a photo with you.

In a nut shell, that was my experience. As a blogger, however, it was amazing to be asked to do this. A couple of other media outlets were present but I was the sole blogger and I took this to be a sign that we, as a community, are being taken much more seriously by Government departments. I think that’s a great development and I hope we see more of it!

Have you interviewed a politician? Tell us about it and leave the link below.


Watch our hangout with Jo Swinson, talking about family policy

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About John Adams

John Adams is a married with two young daughters. He has been a stay at home dad for almost four years.

John started blogging back in 2012 after being invited to one-too-many “mother and toddler groups.” This inspired him to write about the issues he faced as a stay at home dad and the gender barriers men face as parents.

John continues to write about lie as a stay at home dad. He also writes about every aspect of parenting; schooling, education, pregnancy and birth, childcare and so on. Over time he has broadened the focus of his blog so he now writes about family finances, photography and occasionally covers men’s style and fashion.

John was originally a journalist. He concedes, however, that was a long time ago.


  1. 20 November 2014 / 09:54

    This made me smile; dealing with the children, school/nursery is a job in itself. My friends without children have no idea of the “job” I have to do before even making it my day job! And often the early morning part of things is more of a mission than anything else!

    The whole issue around parental leave for children needs a good shake up, and paternity leave/pay is in a draconian state amongst many middling enterprises and SMEs, which is where the majority of parents are employed.

    Well done on making it on time & being asked to be part of the interview process.

  2. 20 November 2014 / 11:59

    Thanks Tracey. That was indeed a very demanding morning! Glad you liked the post and, yes, the mat/pat leave systems do indeed need a big shake up. Here’s to April 2015!