Inspiring images of winter fun #Hibernot

tonyrogersUK on Instagram

@tonyrogersUK captures a pair out in the sleet

Proving that winter is not just about hunkering down inside with the heating turned up high and a casserole on the go, our #hibernot Instagram challenge, as part of the Land Rover #hibernot campaign, showed that a drop in temperature is no bar to outdoors fun. Families from all over the country inspired us by donning their padded anoraks and just getting out there.

The idea behind the Land Rover #hibernot campaign is the idea that winter isn’t a time to hibernate, it’s the time to hibernot – to get out with your family and embrace the joys of winter adventure.

dollybobs out with dog

dollybobpaws admits We got a bit wet in our #Hibernot challenge yesterday, but everyone was still smiling

For those of you still at entry-level #hibernot, our advice is to get a dog. Dogs of all shapes and sizes featured in your contributions and, if there’s one thing that dog-owners have to do, it’s go for a walk, no matter what the weather is doing. Tonyrogersuk, who has made it out in horizontal sleet and dollybobpaws, who manages a smile despite walkies that suggest monsoon conditions, we salute you. (A brief nod also to lisawilliams3975, who appears to have managed a round of golf in the snow – Britmums tip: Use coloured balls if you’re going to attempt this.)

LisaWilliams3975 picture on Instagram

Chilling on the 9th hole, with @lisawilliams3975

Elsewhere, there was evidence that, despite its celebrated springtime beauty, its occasional summer brightness and its famed autumnal mellow fruitfulness, British scenery can rock even in the depths of stark and chilling winter. There were snowscapes, bare and beautiful landscapes and, for sheer moody brilliance, it would be hard to beat the brooding clouds that ljc_05 captured on a beach in Devon. Sunshine – who needs it?

LJC_05 on Instagram for Hibernot

We don’t need no sunshine. Striking clouds by @ljc_05


Having fun in muddy puddles on @mariekp75 Christmas Eve birthday

Having fun in muddy puddles on @mariekp75 Christmas Eve birthday


Redrosemummy on Instagram for Hibernot

Is there a better feeling than crunching ice puddles on a walk in the winter sunshine? By @Redrosemummy

And, of course, there were children looking red-nosed and adorable in the biting wind and muddy puddles of a British winter. It has to be said that there are few things cuter than a pre-schooler in a snowsuit and bobble hat – the child snapped by mariekp75 shows that with knobs on – and you can almost hear the crunch of rubber on ice as featured by redrosemummy’s picture of a tiny patterned welly. But the overall winner of the competition had to be laurasidestreet’s picture of an obviously delighted young #hibernot fan, wrapped up warm and hauling a stick as long as a car through the frost. Because you never know when you’re going to need a big stick, huh?

Laurasidestreet on Instagram for #Hibernot

It wouldn’t be a wintery walk without carrying a large stick everywhere, by @LauraSideStreet


Want to know more? See how one family did their winter family #hibernot adventure


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