How to make storytime better, with McDonald’s #HappyReaders programme #ad

A good meal, family time and a good book — it’s a recipe for a wonderful experience. Reading creates special, bonding family time. And McDonald’s is making it easier to have this kind of quality time with Happy Readers. 

McDonald’s Happy Readers, which provides a children’s book in every Happy Meal™, is back for its sixth year and this year featured a series of books from children’s favourite The World of David Walliams. (This post is part of a paid campaign promoting Happy Readers.)

The McDonald’s Happy Readers competition with BritMums really spurred parents to showcase the different ways their children interacted with the stories. And we really enjoyed watching their children get involved and immersed in the stories.

Tips for reading out loud with children

By using funny voices, reading in character, allowing your voice to rise and fall dramatically – and encouraging your child to do the same – you can bring books to life. And they love getting in on the action too. Check out the array of funny voices Indie, daughter of Zena on Zena’s Suitcase Instagram puts on in this clip. She really made us chuckle. 


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How to make storytime even more fun

Upping the drama factor is another way to bring a book to like. Breaking out your inner Judy Dench will really give stories some drama and make them all the more fun to listen to and to read! We love this video on Rowena’s Teach And Travel Instagram, where her son really gives it emosh!


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Mcdonalds Happy Readers competition. Do you know instead of toys McDonald’s are currently giving David Walliams books with happy meals! My boys love reading and were so excited to find a book in their happy meal when we went out for a yummy tea after school last week. There are actually six David Walliams books to collect and I’m sure the boys will want to read them all. Here is my eldest sons entry for the #happyreaders competition! After he finished I asked him what voice he was trying to do and he said he was trying to be a famous star!🌟 He’s normally quite shy and struggles with expression but he just comes to life when he reads a David Walliams book! @mcdonaldsuk @britmums • • • • 

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Let your child become the storyteller

Storytime doesn’t have to stop as children get older. It’s lovely how story time evolves as children get older and start to enjoy reading to you instead of being read to. Karen Beddow’s daughter on the MiniTravellers Instagram gives a captivating performance reading from Stacey Superstar here.


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Ad | McDonald’s #HappyReaders is back and kids will get a book from The World of David Walliams in every Happy Meal™. The latest Happy Readers campaign from McDonald’s has launched just as research from the National Literacy Trust reveals that almost a fifth of children aged 5 to 8 don’t have any books of their own. If even one child goes home with a book that they wouldn’t have had as a result of this campaign, then I’ll be happy to and proud to be involved. We are huge, huge fans of reading in this house and The World’s Worst Children stories by The World of David Walliams are some of the kids’ faves. Reading give children so, so much and can be really fun too! Why not make your own video of your kids reading like Lily is on this video and enter the @britmums competition, just click on the link in our stories or copy this @mcdonaldsuk

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And Karen at Missing Sleep instagram posted this video of her son confidently reading from Competitive Colin. He has us hanging on his every word!


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Encouraging reluctant readers

North East Family Fun and her 8 year old son Jack (or as she calls him, Storyteller Jack) read out loud together. They look so bonded in this clip — they’re obviously having loads of fun. You’d never guess that Jack is a reluctant reader! Just goes to show that reading a fun story together is a great way to engage children who may shy away from reading. 


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What parents love about Happy Readers

“The stories are fun and quirky and people of all ages will love reading them….Not only is this a great opportunity to own some books but some of the best books for kids.” – Our Bucket List Lives Instagram

“Research from the National Literacy Trust revealed that 19% of children aged 5 to 8 didn’t have any books at home. I am grateful that McDonald’s want to bridge that gap and make great books accessible for everyone.” – Missing Sleep Instagram

The National Literacy Trust recommends reading with your child every day (there are helpful tips on reading with children from the Trust at the back of each Happy Reader). 


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