How to make money from your blog

monetise your blopgDo you want to build your income from your blog? 

This can seem a real challenge, especially when faced with recent Google changes, but it is possible. Over the last few months we’ve earnt several thousand pounds every month from our blogs.

There are several ways to earn money from your blog

  • Link your blog to an ebay, Folksy or Etsy shop and drive traffic from your blog to make sales.
  • Sell banner ad space in your sidebar and a make a passive income every month.
  • Write and ebook and sell it from your site or via your email list.
  • Create a directory on your site and charge for listings.
  • Sell sponsored posts on your blog. (With a no-follow link).
  • Sell personalised merchandise from your popular website.
  • Sell a company’s products for Commission.
  • Add a shopping cart to your blog to sell your own products (artwork, crafts, music, ebooks)
  • Leverage your blog and start a freelance career.
  • Create niche websites to sell on for profit.

Still confused? Need to some guidance?

ACEInspire have reopened their Monetise Your Blog ecourse.

It is a 7 week ecourse and will cost you two payments of £49.

Make Money Blogging is for you if you want to:

  •  Make money from your current blog
  •  Create niche sites to monetise
  •  Create a career or business off the back of a blog

What’s included?

  • Blog basics
  • How to build your following
  • What’s your niche?
  • Market research and why it will help
  • Creating your product
  • Pricing
  • Sales
  • Negotiation
  • Working with big businesses, brand and PR companies
  • Freelancing – writing, ghost blogging, social media consultancy
  • Affiliate marketing

Get valuable bonuses including:

  • Video – 27 top blog monetisation questions answered
  • Help Market Research! Action pack worth £29
  • 19 Ways I have used to Make Money From my Blog eBook by Erica Douglas
  • 3 concepts to change the way you think about making money eBook
  • Monetise Your blog tech Q&A eBook

Erica and Antonia will be speaking at BritMums Live this weekend if you are going don’t miss out on their talks.

Antonia will be taking the Advanced blogging: How to create an eBook  session and Erica will taking the Perks and pounds: Making money from your blog session.

For full details on the course or to sign up go to our sales page.

erica and antonia

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