Home & Design Round-up: Inspiration & design details

Welcome to the new round-up from the blogging network, full to the brim with inspiration for you and your home. First up I wanted to transport you to West Sweden and the design shops of Gothenburg. Carol from the Dear Designer blog, has covered in detail some of the coolest shops she went to over there.  There is so much inspiration in this post, the only problem being the distance you’d need to travel to buy anything. I’ve been pouring over the images, and there are lots of those items we can get here in the UK…huzzah!

More inspiration, but this time in the form of Scandinavian clothing rails, from Hannah in the house blog.   If you own beautiful things, wouldn’t you want to have them on display? If you are short on storage, are renting, or in a stop-gap house, these are just beautiful additions to a home!

Sometimes it’s those small details, that some people think of as mundane that can lift a room,and make a look so much more cohesive – I’ve been looking at how coloured skirting boards can really change a space over on my blog.  I also love this post from Stacey (The Design Sheppard) about the humble bin…such fab design!

Geraldine over at Little Big Bell has had an autumn refresh in her living room. I think LBP is known for her love of  bright colours, but she’s added some autumnal textures and materials too.  Gorgeous!

A makeover for my final post, because they are always my favourite things to share. I’ve been following Molly’s bedroom makeover over on Instagram stories and I’m delighted to show you all the finished product.  All that storage space, and that bed linen too, I’m jealous! 

I’d love to know what you think about the blog posts I’ve shared, especially if they’ve offered you some inspiration in you own home.

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