Health Round-up; Omega 3, fussy eating and diabetes

health round upChristmas and the New Year seem to be a distant memory already but January is definitely the time of year for bloggers to be talking about health. Whether it is the coughs, colds and other unwanted bugs that come with the colder weather or a new healthy regime to start the New Year, there have been lots of posts to choose from this month.

My first post this month is an interesting read from Maddie at Gammon and Chips and it is about Omega 3. Having sought advice about her son’s behaviour, Maddie was recommended giving him Omega 3 fish oils as they can help with concentration and attention levels. In this post, she has tried and tested a variety of different Omega 3 products on her children and gives a very clear and honest view of which she thinks is the best and why.

This post from 23 socks is a brave and honest account of how bad things can get with antenatal depression. In the post Life Line, she recounts her feelings of fear and immobility during her pregnancy and how hard it is to face such a life-changing experience when you suffer with depression. Luckily, she was strong enough to come back from the brink with the help and support of her partner and this post is a testament to her strength.

Lisa at Love In Your Tummy has written a really interesting post this month on the topic of fussy eating. Many parents are very familiar with the topic of fussy eating but Lisa has some thoughts as to why there are so many children who are fussy eaters and how we as parents and the huge choice of food that is now widely available is largely to blame.

Over at Southwark Belle this month Postpartum Hypothyroidism is the topic on discussion and this post fascinated me, as it is a condition that I had never heard of before. Postpartum Hypothyroidism can occur after pregnancy and can result in either too many or two few hormones being produced by the thyroid. This post gives a detailed breakdown of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Sarah at Mum of Three World is someone who prides herself on being generally very fit and healthy but recently, she has had more than her fair share of health worries. In her post Healthy/Unhealthy, she shares her recent health issues and is hoping for a break from medical appointments for a while now.

This wonderfully worded post from Helen at Actually Mummy was written in response to an unfounded comment made by Colleen Nolan on Loose Women on the subject of children with diabetes. Helen has crafted a calm and well-thought response and I can only admire her determination to raise awareness of the very real and serious issue that diabetes for children is.

How many times have you put off making appointments for medical check ups? I know that I have been guilty of that a few times, particularly when it comes to smear tests. In Do you take your health for granted? City Girl Gone Coastal did exactly that and in this thought-provoking post, she reminds us how important it is to go for these check ups and medical appointments for ourselves and our families sakes.

That is all for this month.  If you write a health related post that you would like me to consider for future round-ups, please tweet me the link (@stressymummy).

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  1. 05 February 2015 / 20:20

    Thanks so much for including my Omega 3 post Nikki! I can’t wait to read everyone else’s now. Some really interesting topics there. Great Round Up! Maddie xoxo