Happiness is being a BritMums #BiBs2018 finalist

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Wasn’t last week’s BritMums #BiBs2018 online awards ceremony brilliant? We were there, cheering everyone on and it was so lovely to see plenty of supportive tweets winging their way from all over the UK and beyond. The buzz was infectious, as were our lovely hosts who put on such a wonderful show, pink boa’s included!


Now. Winning is of course the icing on the cake, the cherry on the bakewell and the whipped cream on the hot chocolate (you can read about the winners here). But, I also think we should most definitely be giving all the #BiBs2018 finalists the biggest hurrah! Because being a finalist is also a huge #win and every single one of them should be so very proud of themselves.   



Happiness is being a BritMums #BiBs2018 finalist

I caught up with a few of the finalists post-awards, and yes, they are still smiling from ear to ear. Here’s what they said.


To say I was taken by surprise when I received the email telling me I had been selected as a BiBs Finalist for Social Media is a huge understatement.

It took a good 24 hours for the news that my peers in the blogging community had taken the time to nominate for this prestigious award. It was such a boost for me personally and my blog, and I was even more surprised when the local press took an interest and shared the news with their audience.

To be a finalist and take part in the online awards ceremony celebrating a wonderful group of online influencers really did bring me a huge sense of pride and joy over the last few months and I think it’s a wave I’ll continue to ride for the next year. Roll on the next BiBs Awards.


Zena from Zena’s suitcase 




I was thrilled to win the Readers Choice award last year. But because I won last year I really wasn’t expecting to be a finalist again. It was a lovely surprise. I love writing, and it always amazes me when my words can have a positive impact on someone.

I wrote a post about why you have every chance of winning a BiB. Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks messaged me to say she read it, and it had encouraged her to put herself forward and ask her readers for nominations. Not only did Hayley end up a finalist, but she won Readers Choice. That makes me really happy.

In a world full of trolling and internet abuse, it’s wonderful to celebrate the positive side of the online world and the amazing blogging community.


Claire from Life Love and Dirty Dishes




Being a finalist in the BiBs Fresh Voice category made me feel amazing. It felt like I was getting recognition for what I do and it made me see that more people than just my mum read and enjoy my blog.


Ami from Through Ami’s Eyes




I was absolutely blown away to be even nominated, let alone reach the finals.

I’m so passionate about helping inspire people to rethink their beauty regime to be better for their health and the environment, so I am delighted that my message is resonating. I’m so grateful to everyone who nominated me, or voted for me, it means so much to be recognised in this way.

I’m honoured to be in such great company, and huge congratulations to all the winners!


Becky from Pinks charming




Being a finalist to me has meant a lot.

I started blogging with the intention of being able to share my voice and it’s given me that voice I was after. It was and still is a form of therapy, a hobby and a way to communicate with the outside world I wasn’t involved with before. The past few years have been intense and I ended up in a relationship where I was shut out from friends and family and when I became pregnant I went offline for 18 months – there was no announcement of my pregnancy or birth of my baby… the anxiety and worry became so much that I reached out via social media to ‘out’ myself, to show that to others this is my family and I wanted to broaden people’s minds that nothing is black and white. That everyone is different and everyone can have a voice.

It’s been a great hobby reviewing products of course and my kids have loved it!

So, to me, to be shortlisted among a lot of epic, amazing, talented people meant a lot as it meant that perhaps I do have a voice. Perhaps I can help or be listened to.


Bryony from Bryony – Perfectly Imperfect Mama




Three cheers for the #BiBs2018 Finalists

The #BiBs are all about celebrating the best of UK parent lifestyle blogging, giving recognition to those innovative, assured voices in the blogging world that have you laughing, crying and nodding along week after week. As voted by the readers, here are those bloggers. Your finalists. #AllWinners.




Baby & Anxiety
Bryony – Perfectly Imperfect Mama
Coraline And Us
Cruising With Kids
PDA Parenting
Three Time Daddy
Through Ami’s Eyes
Twins, Tantrums & Cold Coffee



Amy Treasure
Baking With Granny
Eats Amazing
Greedy Gourmet
Lost in Food
Tastefully Vikkie
The Petite Cook
The Slimming Foodie


INSPIRE – In dedication to Kate Sutton / Wit Wit Woo

How to feel sexy in big knickers
Little Hearts Big Love
Meet The Wildes
Mrs H’s Favourite Things
Mummy Barrow
Mummy From The Heart
The Incidental Parent
The Resilient Mum



Family Days Tried and Tested
I Am Alison Perry
Learning and Exploring Through Play
You Baby Me Mummy
Toby and Roo
Travel Mad Mum
What The Redhead Said
Zena’s Suitcase



Extraordinary Chaos
Like Love Do
Little Paper Swans
Make Do & Push
Mummy Daddy Me
PODcast Dove



Amy Being Mum
Brummy Mummy of 2
Helpful Mum
Life With Boys
Nilly Dahlia
This Mama Life
What Alex Did
What Katy Said



Flying With A Baby
Globalmouse Travels
Mini Travellers
North East Family Fun
The Pigeon Pair and Me
Tin Box Traveller
Yorkshire Wonders



Accidental Hipster Mum
Brick Dust and Glitter
Champagne & Blush
Corporate Style Story
Fifty & Fab
Loved By Elena
Pinks Charming
The Little Stylist



Crafts On Sea
Little Button Diaries
Mum in the Madhouse
Skirting Boards & Chandeliers
The Carpenter’s Daughter
The Middle Sized Garden
The Ordinary Lovely



3 Little Buttons
Claire Justine
Let’s Talk Mommy
Life, Love & Dirty Dishes
More Than Toast
The DADventurer
Tiger Lilly Quinn
White Camellias



Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays
Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl
Inside Martyn’s Thoughts
Slouching Towards Thatcham
So Happy In Town
Sparkles & Stretchmarks
Steph’s Two Girls



Thanks a million to everyone at BritMums for organising what is undoubtedly known as one of the longest running and most prestigious blogging and social media awards in the UK. If there was a BiBs award for dedication and nurturing blogging talent, it would go to you.


See you next time and don’t forget to always #BeMoreWitWitWoo.



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