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If you take a look around the BritMums blogosphere there is one thing that we all have in common. And it’s pretty awesome.

No matter whether we write about days out, travel, crafting, style or life as parents, there is a strong sense of being there for each other. Not just other bloggers, but people in general. Supporting each other, and lifting others onwards and upwards. Encouraging those dreams to be aimed for. Or simply just telling that mum trying to survive the shopping trip from hell to stay strong. That one moment does not define you as a parent.


Whether we know it or not, someone out there is drying those tears, comforted by the kind, positive and happy words shared in our blog posts. And today, I think I feel just a little bit prouder to stand tall and shout ‘I am a blogger and my words can be here for you, whenever you need them’.


Here are just a sprinkling of bloggers whose kind words bring back all the smiles, when needed the most.



When you worry about what you look like

There will be some of us (*coughs, me) who are sighing with delight as the colder weather kicks in this autumn. The layers can go back on at last, thick fabrics and cover up knits to hide all sorts of body sins. Except. It shouldn’t be like that, should it? Hayley from Sparkles & Stretchmarks does a tremendous job of writing about body confidence and wearing what makes you feel good and not what you think you should be wearing. Her beautiful words have really stuck for me, and I hope you can find confidence through her journey too.


Tell yourself how beautiful you look. And try your hardest to believe it. And if all else fails, send me a photo and I’ll tell you how beautiful you look too.” – Hayley, Sparkles & Stretchmarks.   




When people try to make you feel guilty for being a professional blogger

Yes. You haven’t misread that. There are people out there who don’t quite get blogging as a profession. Some simply think it’s all just a bit ridiculous, and others don’t understand why a company would pay a blogger to write a post for their own blog. We know that’s not quite how it is, but comments can hurt. Just don’t allow throw away words to make you feel like you shouldn’t be paid for the work you have done as Laura from Five Little Doves discusses in the most sincerest way.


“And just know that everything I do, be that for payment or through my love of writing, I am doing for my children, for these four little ones in my arms, and the most beautiful little boy in my heart.” – Laura, Five Little Doves




When you don’t know if you can survive

Parenting is a tough one. Anyone who has their own little bundle of joy will tell you that. But what if things aren’t quite as good at home as they should be? What if you are in an abusive relationship and you don’t know where to turn or how you will cope on your own? Throughout her blog, Kelly from Daydreams Of A Mum shares her difficult journey, and will tell you that, even if it’s years later. The initial struggle is worth it. That it is possible.


“My life’s not perfect , but it’s all mine.” – Kelly, Daydreams Of A Mum




For when you’re ‘That Family’

Right. Hands up who’s been ‘that family’ with the mischief makers up to all sort of antics… in public *gulp. Tantruming in the shops? Refusing to cooperate in front of EVERYONE on the school run? Or perhaps screaming in the bird aviary, trying to get away from the birds with bird feed in hand? Don’t worry. It happens to us all. For when you are ‘that family’ Emma from Brummy Mummy Of 2 will have all the right words (and more) to soothe those frown lines and have you laughing in no time at all.


So I think we should all make a deal. That all parents across the world should, when faced with a family who is totally falling apart, do the decent thing and throw a little smile their way. Show some solidarity.” Emma, Brummy Mummy Of 2




When they just don’t seem to hear what you are saying

Do you ever find yourself talking to, well, yourself. Everyone is present. Everyone appears to be listening and looking in the right direction. But nope. It all went in one ear and out the other as far as you can tell. It can be so soul destroying, but somehow, the littles find it completely amusing. Well fear not. Susie from So Happy In Town aka S.H.I.T. will decode what has just taken place.




I write for you

For all those times and more. For when you feel so very small. When life has got you down. Let the BritMums bloggers turn things round. Because what are we doing, if not, writing for you. Wendy from Naptime Natter has written the most beautiful poem which pretty much summed up this round-up post before I had even written it.


“To the lonely mum at the kids party who struggles to make conversation,

who feels ignored and isolated and wishes she’d lost the party invitation.

To the lonely mum who would love a friend or two,

I write for you.” – Wendy, Naptime Natter




Thank you for joining us for the BritMums Happiness Round-up this month. Don’t forget to stop by and have a read, leave a comment or just say hello to these brilliant bloggers who bring all the smiles.


I love reading your happy posts and would welcome bloggers of all levels to share their posts for consideration for this round up. You are also more than welcome to stop by the Buttons blog for our #DreamTeam linky which runs every Tuesday.

See you next time x

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