Guest post: Pinterest – my first port of call for kids’ work idea

This week on the blog, BritMums is focussing on Pinterest as an emerging tool for bloggers – exploring how to use it and its appeal. Today, Emma from LLM Calling describes how she’s using Pinterest for a group project benefitting the church. To see the BritMums Week of Pinterest coverage, visit this post.

I volunteer full time for my church, it’s my vocation and I love how it allows me to work for God in my community.  I do a lot of hanging around where people need me but I also run baby and toddler groups, family craft services, Sunday school sessions, bereavement support groups, RE lessons, assemblies and kids self esteem clubs.  It’s a busy life and it’s fantastic fun.

I believe in the power of art and craft in helping people express emotions, communicate and accept love; it is the most gentle and accessible way of supporting kids in particular.  In an average year I need to find over 200 craft activities, most of which need to be original.

Everyone who crafts with kids haunts the internet, looking for new ideas and top tips; many of us also share our own experiences and finds; it’s a great big community.  But it was difficult, we all had our own collections and except for some blogs it was difficult to keep track of everything.  This is where Pinterest found its niche.  Finding and remembering craft projects is so much easier now we have Pinterest, it is my saving grace.  I just love the way I can keep all the great and beautiful ideas in one useful place.

Next month I am running our monthly service at church called People, Prayers and Potatoes.  This March it lands on Mothers Day, so I am planning crafts based on Mothers, Love and Families.  I have been on the look out for crafts since Christmas; I need at least ten covering a wide range to ensure some are appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, primary school kids, teenagers, parents and grandparents.

Every time I see something, from an inspirational word, to a picture, card or craft I pin it straight to my pinterest board called “Mothers Day”.  I have 19 different ideas pinned so far for Mothers Day.  I will keep collecting anything I see and then two weeks before the session I will select the 10 we will use on the day so I can collect the materials we need and start preparing.

The great thing about Pinterest is that I can ask other people to keep a look out as well and they can share their pinned projects with me; over the coming weeks I know that many of the pinners I follow will add to their own mothers day boards and so the number of ideas will grow almost exponentially.

And next year…well, next year I will have all of this year’s ideas, all of the projects we made with photos and my thoughts on how it went, as well as the same from loads of other people.  Year on year Pinterest will allow us to expand our records and ideas and hone the projects we deliver.  It’s like working in a massive team without having to all work in the one same place.

Pinterest, the next best thing to having Martha Stewart at your disposal.

Emma, LLM Calling


LLM CallingEmma is a mum, wife, church minister and blogger at LLM Calling.  She runs children and family services and is passionate about throwing the church doors wide to the community.  In her spare time Emma helps her six-year-old daughter blog at Major Love of Film. Emma can be found on Twitter @emmuk74 and on Facebook, as well as Google+.

And of course Emma is on Pinterest!




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