Good Reads: Spooky science & mental patient costumes

good readsYou’re feeling it, aren’t you? The switch has been flipped from summer to winter and as the temperature of the British thermostat drops to meet winter standards there are a couple of blissful weeks where the leaves fall like post-wedding confetti bringing chaos to commuters on train lines and joy to dog walkers and small children. It’s the time for conker hunting, pumpkin carving and ferreting in the back of the cupboard for the slow cooker that hasn’t seen action since we finally received our summer with open arms and almost two months late at the end of May.

But with the dropping mercury, the pouring rain and the dark morning school runs, comes a real need to sit next to a radiator clutching a cup of coffee as though the presence of hot coffee in your system will bolster you enough to get through winter with joy in your heart and a smile on your face. And, if you are really good, that fabulous cashmere blanket from Father Christmas to snuggle under whilst you watch contestant after contestant get voted off Strictly.

Whilst you are mulling over whether it’s too early in the year for mulled wine (it is, by the way) why not mull over the posts I have been bookmarking from around the Ninternet just for you?

It’s a bumper crop this month. But you have half-term to survive as well as the longer bights. Make the most of it. And don’t forget to add a cashmere blanket to your Christmas List. Then come back for more next month. And if you do find or write a post that you feel is worth sharing, then get in touch.

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