Good Reads July 2014

books for good readsWelcome to Good Reads July 2014. Are you feeling the burn of holiday madness or are you still struggling to get your children out of bed for the last few days of school? I always find it hard to decide whether I like holiday or term time more but in this heat I am tempted to go with holiday, though as I write there are dressing up clothes strewn all over the sitting room, glitter in the hallway and the garden looks like a shipment of toys fell off the back of a plane and landed on it.

Lucky for me a recent BritMums Twitter Party produced a host of fabulous ideas to keep children occupied during the summer.

And whilst they are busy doing their thang you can take five, take a load off, and take a look at some fabulous, some heartwrenching, and some hilarious posts that I have scooped up for you.

Typecast says it like it is; not the body I want but the body I’ve got

Nuffnang thinks there should be a Blogging Code of Ethics.

Actually Mummy says “I’m sorry.”

Honesty is the best policy says Franglaise Mummy

If you have a child with curly hair, then Domestic Goddesque’s Hair Detangler Spray Review is the post for you.

The Daily Mail ( I know) shares the story of blogging superstar Hayley’s daughter Natty-the new  face of a Sainsbury’s kids clothing campaign.

Finding Joy lists 10 Things Happy Moms Don’t do.

Selfish Mother asks What If The Best Years of Your Life Aren’t?

A Baby on Board talks pants shopping trips.

Mother’s Always Right wonders whether to Sugar-coat or tell the truth

Heterocephalus Gabler is in a right huff, via Sally

Missie Lizzie shared this lovely story in The Telegraph about a St Albans Train Dispatcher

Maria shared A Bloke Called Dave’s post: ending your marriage at Costa via Maria

The Crazy Kitchen shows how to create a food photography studio.

Frugal Family shares Sometimes

Five’s a Fellowship has a marvellous post on using Canva to create a Media Kit.

Very Busy Mama is proudly wearing her swimsuit

This post from The WashingtonPost went viral not long after I bookmarked it: What happened when I drove my Mercedes to collect Food Stamps.

Who’s The Mummy shares things she has learned about blogging.

My Travel Monkey has the Urban Monkey Guide to Splashing Around.

Right, that should stave off boredom/laundry/the inevitable clean-up-on-aisle-two-operation for a few minutes. Go forth, readers, go forth and read and write and share. And most of all, enjoy the holiday. Recent events in Ukraine have shown that life is more precious than we perhaps realise on a daily basis. Make every day count.

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  1. 22 July 2014 / 11:04

    Many thanks for including me in the good reads round-up Kelly! Lots of fantastic posts to procrastinate with this morning. Wait did I say procrastinate? I obviously meant work!

  2. 23 July 2014 / 22:30

    Thank you for including me in your round up! Ahhh, miss you all so much. I’ll always be a Brit mum first 😉