Good Reads: Cyber bullying, Christmas cards and anti-resolutions

open bookIn the immortal words of the Backstreet Boys, “My Mac is back…alright!” Or something like that. Yes, praise the Lord, I’m online again so I’m hoping to get back onto a tighter schedule vis-à-vis my work for Brit Mums. So, for the last time (possibly,) sorry this one is late!

I have, however, in the meantime, been scouring the blogosphere for some little gems and here are my picks of the week:

First up we have Emma from Mummy Musings with a post about ‘Christmas Traditions.’  New pajamas on Christmas Eve, a Christmas morning walk and I love the fact that Emma still gets a stocking from her Mum.  All together now, awwww.

Firefly Phil has penned an ‘Ode to Mums Who Cook Christmas Dinner’ as part of a 100 Word Challenge meme. A Christmassy poem to get you all in the mood.

Kathryn from Crystal Jigsaw looks back over the last year in ‘A Future I Can’t Predict’ and puts me to shame! Not only has she published her first novel, she’s written the draft of her second and talks about the desire to delete her blog and leave Twitter (but thankfully hasn’t,) joined websites then left. I’m sure we can all relate to that roller coaster of life.

Another post about ‘Christmas Traditions’ but this time Romanian Mum talks about traditions from another country. I really enjoyed reading about the religious meaning of Christmas in Romania, church blessings and carols and huge Christmas trees from the market. Crăciun Fericit!

Nicki from Curly and Candid asks, ‘Is it still OK to say what we think online?’ Speaking as someone who believes that hell yes, you should be able to say whatever you like, Nicki does raise a valid point. In this world of supposed free speech, some people can be really vilified for just having an opposing opinion. Social media allows this to proliferate easily. Can’t we just all get along? Some things just aren’t that easy.

The Internet can be a wonderful place. Conversely, there are times when my heart breaks when I read posts like this one about ‘the nightmare of cyberbullying’ from Not A Notting Hill Mum. I still can’t quite believe sites like the one described in that post are allowed to exist… But they are, and we need to do all we can to petition the powers-that-be to shut them down. Please sign the petition if you agree.

As my friends will attest, I’m appalling at writing Christmas cards. Never seem to find the time – they’re lucky if they get a Christmas text these days. Mayfair Mum asks ‘What do Christmas cards mean to you?’  This time of year gives us the chance to reflect on friendships and family and it’s given me a kick up the proverbial… I might even buy some cards this year!

A woman after my own heart, Mrs. Slummy Mummy has written an ‘Anti Resolution for 2012.’ Her resolution is the same as mine every year – not to do any resolutions at all! I think we all feel enough pressure without heaping more on ourselves. High five!

The lovely Rosie over at Rosie Scribble has written about something personal to me right now, the poor state of the job market (aaaargh!) but has decided to call a halt to job hunting for now, enjoy Christmas with her daughter and has taken the time to thank her online friends for their support. In ‘Life, Blogging and Keeping your chin up,’ Rosie looks at the opportunities she does have as opposed to the ones she doesn’t. Good for you Rosie!

And finally, a post from the awesome Mammasaurus. I had the pleasure of meeting her last week at Butlins of all places and she’s just as cool as I’d thought she’d be. In ‘Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land,’ she talks about mental illness and how Ruby Wax has launched a new website called Black Dog Tribe to help people deal with their mental health. If anyone knows someone suffering, especially at this time of year, please pass on the details of this website to them.

So that’s me done for this week. I never put my Christmas tree up earlier than a week before Christmas (Bah humbug!) so I’m off to dig out the tinsel and eat my own bodyweight in Quality Street. Merry Christmas!

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  1. 17 December 2011 / 10:00

    Great reads here – and the initiative Not a Notting Hill Mummy is promoting is so important. Please everyone go and see and sign the petition!

  2. 17 December 2011 / 15:35

    HONK HONK! Hoorah! Thank you for adding me and I shall set aside sometime this evening with a glass of red and a slab of the milky chocolately stuff and check out the others – thanks again! Have a super doops weekend Kate x

  3. 17 December 2011 / 16:00

    Thank you included me on your list. You have some cracking posts here and I shall look forward to reading through them.

    CJ x

  4. 17 December 2011 / 21:34

    Some cracking posts!
    Thanks for including me 🙂

  5. 20 December 2011 / 09:18

    Thank you so much for including me. This is the first time this happends to me so i am really happy.
    Happy Christmas to you too!

  6. 26 December 2011 / 22:14

    Thanks so much for including me in your round up Kate! My first recommendation, you made my day! I will be checking out the others too of course!