Tips for being gas safe this Christmas #GasSafeXmas #ad

At our #GasSafeXmas Twitter conversation we talked about the importance of remembering to be gas safe this winter. That means looking after our gas appliances, getting them checked and being aware of the dangers of CO poisoning.

The chat was sponsored by the Gas Safe Register, a great resource for safety and advice as well as tools to find registered engineers in your area.

Temperatures have really plummeted this week, with many of us seeing snow and households across the country have been cranking up their heating and working their boilers hard. If your appliances run on gas, it’s important to know that they’re working safe and sound. If they’re not, they can leak deadly carbon monoxide or cause a fire.

We discussed the serious issue of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning at Christmas. Often the symptoms can be confused for a Christmas cold or flu, but the consequences can be dangerous and even life threatening and findings from @GasSafeRegister show that around 1 in every 6 gas appliances they inspect are found to be unsafe!

Find out how gas safe your street is with this handy map: 



Your gas stories

I’ve heard countless scares about unsafe gas appliances especially in temporary rented accommodation where landlords cut costs…don’t put you or your family at risk! Have a #GasSafeXmas & check they are checked! @McMurphy72

I have had a boiler condemned for leaking Carbon Monoxide on the day we moved in to a house we bought .. it was only a carbon monoxide alarm that saved us! @JaimeOliverUK

We had a new oven fitted in the summer and they cut our gas off immediately as they found a leak in our old pipework. We had to wait to have new copper piping installed before we could be re-connected. It was scary at the time but thankfully all is ok now @Chelseamamma

Sooo important! I ended up in hospital on oxygen mask a couple of years back due to a faulty gas heater, was so so scary! @LauraSideStreet

My friends family died from carbon monoxide posioning a week before Christmas a few years ago 🙁  Never think it can’t happen to you @JAZZ_SHOESDANCE

We had a new boiler installed by someone my father-in-law knew at the freemasons, who is supposedly gas safe registered. He did a bit of a cowboy job and ended up making holes in the walls. How do you check if someone’s actually registered?

Your hints and tips on staying gas safe

gas safe infographicWith all the money we spend at Christmas popping a CO alarm or monitor into our basket whilst out shopping won’t cost much but could save a life over Christmas! @JHowze

We have a maintenance plan set up now, so I don’t even need to remember – they call me when it’s due. Its great. Peace of mind and breakdown cover all year round @missielizzieb

We have a CO monitor in our camper van and I’ve also been known to pack one when we’re staying in a villa/cottage! @AngeP1969

We’ve got several CO2 alarms in our house just to be on the safe side @lauislucky

Always check the oven and hob @ZannaClayton

And check your alarms too! No point having them if they don’t work! @DanDanDiscoMan

Great advice! I always check mine at the same time as I check my smoke alarms which is every month (I have an alarm set on my phone for the 1st of every month) It only takes minutes but is so important! @Tantrums2Smiles

I bought a CO alarm, as elderly family member said it was pricey and unnecessary.. I feel better they have one! We check it when we visit. @Goriami

I get mine checked every year as I worry about this all the time. When I am feeling a little ill I worry it’s CO poisoning @Caroline_Tokes

It so easy to forget to get your appliances checked annually. I would love a reminder service @Funkbun

Advice from the Gas Safety Register

How many CO monitors should we have in our house? Its a smallish 2 bed house (and our boiler is in the bedroom!) Should the amount of monitors you have increase is you have a larger home? @Tantrums2Smiles

The Gas Safe Register recommends that you fit an audible carbon monoxide (CO) alarm marked EN50291 in every room with a gas appliance (or any carbon-based fuelled appliance, such as oil, wood or coal). Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when fitting the alarm. For further information about CO please visit our site



If the alarm does goes off, get fresh air immediately, turn off all appliances, ventilate and leave the house. You can call the emergency line on 0800 111 99 and visit hospital/doctor if you suspect CO poisoning.

On Landlords

They are legally required to check appliances. I used to rent out a house through an agent who would sort that stuff out for me. I bet DIY landlords aren’t always so good at remembering! @AngeP1969

Landlords who are not following the regulations need to be reported 🙁 – Rules are there for a reason. @missielizzieb

Thankfully there are legal requirements with tough fines or imprisonment for landlords who don’t comply, and compulsory annual checks on appliances. So much safer than for owner / occupiers. I think the law should be for all properties to be annually inspected @MummyBarrow

How will you have a #GasSafeXmas?

I’ll definitely be finding someone to check everything. My husband has a very blase approach to it, but I think we can’t be too careful. Especially with a baby in the house @Autumns_Mummy

So scary to think about! Especially when we often open our homes to people at Christmas and we of course want to keep them all safe and happy. A CO monitor costs so little but could save our lives and put our mind at ease! @Tantrums2Smiles

This is the sort of thing that we SHOULD be receiving leaflets through the door about. Would also be a great thing to have talks in schools. I’ll be speaking to both of my boys tonight. @YoSarahW

Which reminds me, if your child is heading back to uni after Xmas, send them off with a monitor to keep them safe! @missielizzieb

Thank you to everyone who took part and shared their questions and stories! Remember to stay safe this winter and make sure your CO monitor is in good working order and your gas appliances have been serviced.

Get more information on the Gas Safe Register site, including engineers near you.

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