Food: Meal ideas to jazz up your lunchbox!

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This month I have a selection of ideas for a tasty lunch. Perfect for if you are wanting to make something a bit different for work. Ideas that are a bit different from the usual cheese and ham sandwich! Hopefully these suggestions will inspire you to brighten up your lunch time.

Left overs from your evening meal the night before can be a lovely lunch if you have access to a microwave. This Spicy Sausage Pasta Bake is just as tasty when reheated and the smell will make the office jealous! Most pasta dishes reheat well so these are always a good option. Pasta is great too for filling up for the rest of the day to stop the munchies. This Italian Caprese Pasta only has 5 ingredients and sounds so good.

Whilst salad can sound like a boring lunch option there are so many tasty salads out there you are sure to find one you like. This superfood salad looks and sounds amazing. Much more exciting than the usual lettuce, cucumber and tomato don’t you think? Or perhaps top your usual salad with sticky chicken? A healthy lunch doesn’t have to be boring as this fennel, avocado and grapefruit detox salad shows. These Slimming World friendly lunch ideas may help you out if you are trying to lose weight too.

Quiches and frittatas can be great lunch choices especially if you want something cold. I love this Sweetcorn Fritter and these mini pepper quiches are so tasty but have a few others I have found you might like. This Sweet Potato frittata with asparagus sounds good. If you want something warm how about an omelette. There are so many things you can make with a few eggs. This Ham egg and cheese brunch bake sounds so easy.

Have you thought of taking lunch in a flask. A nice chunky soup can be so filling and an easy on the go lunch. If you are, like me, a freelancer, finding easy lunch ideas can be hard. These suggestions were helpful and gave me some lovely ideas. 

Don’t forget that a good alternative to a sandwich could be a wrap. This one looks amazing! Another option is wholemeal bread pudding so a completely different take on bread for lunch. There are so many ways you could fill a wrap too, my favourite is brie and cranberry sauce – I know this is not to everyones taste though and a bit odd! What do you love to fill wraps with?

There are so many tasty lunch ideas there really is no reason you should have the same every day. I love Curry loaf with Nigerian Jollof rice for a spicy lunchtime meal that is lovely cold. MediterraVegetable couscous is nice warm or cold too so definitely worth considering.

Whatever you chose for lunch remember there are so many amazing choices out there you don’t need to get stuck in a rut with the same meals every lunchtime. Even if you have a jacket potato every day, maybe a variety of fillings would help you keep your lunch interesting?

Next month I will be sharing with you lots of tasty foods for the slow cooker so if you have anything you would like to contribute do drop me an email.

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