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If you’re feeling the excesses of the festive season, but are still craving hearty warming dishes to see you through the winter we have just the thing. Food fan Lesley Garden rounds-up some delicious and nutritious recipes from the BritMum’s community to kick-start your healthy eating regime in 2020.

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If December is the month of indulgence and excess, January is doubtless the month for cutting it all right back. I’m not about to talk diets, comfort is still very much a necessity during the cold Winter months. Besides I’m nowhere near ready to give up the hearty stew quite yet. However many of us do seek to lighten our food, even if just a little. Another factor that comes in to play here is time. I love to cook, but after the many more extravagant meals I cook over the festive period, all of which I enjoy, I’m ready for a little simplicity in my life.

We all want food that makes us feel good. Food with a vibrancy of colour that makes us feel healthy both inside and out. I know after the big roasts and days of being creative with leftovers, I’m more than ready to focus on lighter foods. Dishes packed full of vegetables, that are quick to cook and contain a nice hit of spice.

Lighter Meals - Britmums Jan 2019

The Recipes:

I have always enjoyed a smoothie as a way of getting more goodness into our bodies. This recipe from Corina at Searching for Spice really hits the spot and has been added to my list. Balancing the sweetness of orange and carrot with the fiery hit of ginger, we have this beautifully vibrant Orange Smoothie with Carrot & Ginger. I think this is a great start to a New Year healthier lifestyle. 

Orange carrot and ginger smoothie

Before I had children I was notoriously bad at skipping breakfast, this all changed when I had kids. A proper start to the day for me is essential, I simply function better having eaten a proper breakfast. Prepared the night before this recipe for Cherry Cocoa Overnight Oats from Monika at Everyday Healthy Recipes is ideal . My blogging partner Michelle loves this recipe, it’s one of her go-to breakfast recipes. 


Our Quick & Healthy Green Omelette for lunch is packed full of vibrant green vegetables and herbs. The salty feta and the crunch from the toasted seeds elevate it from the simple omelette. Although making a great lunch for two, it’s so quick to prepare that it makes a great dinner dish after a busy day when the last thing you feel like is cooking.

green omlette-2

Soup is always a winner over the cold Winter months. Our Simple Chicken Noodle Soup is broth based, easily put into a flask to take to work. A clear chicken broth always makes you feel good, without being heavy and making you feel loaded down with food.

Asian Chicken Broth-2

Fellow BritMums baking editor Jacqui from Recipes Made Easy shares with us her recipe for Seabass with Peas, Bacon & Potato. A great after work dinner for two, fish is the perfect protein for a lighter dinner, not to mention how quickly it cooks. The addition of a small amount of bacon in this dish elevates the vegetables, but without making the dish heavy.


Finally a thank you to all the bloggers who contributed their recipes for this post. As always this is much appreciated.

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    • 10 January 2019 / 15:59

      Thank you Charlie, I think most of us like to lighten up our food in January after the indulgence of the festive holiday.

  1. 09 January 2019 / 14:10

    There are some lovely ideas here. Not only are they healthy they are pretty tempting too! I’d love to try that quick and healthy green omelette. Thanks for including my smoothie!

    • 09 January 2019 / 16:04

      You are more than welcome Corina, thank you for allowing me to share it. I’ve had a few friends comment on your smoothie – it’s perfect for this time of year. I think we all want something a bit lighter but still packing a punch in taste. This omelette is an absolute favourite of mine – I always enjoy it when I just want a vegetable fix.