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For this month’s food round up I am bringing you the only selection of BBQ recipes you will need this summer. Whether you are cooking for 3 people or 100 people you are sure to find a recipe perfect for them here. 

Choosing the right meat can be difficult. We all know a BBQ needs sausages and burgers but what if you want something a bit more unique? Where do you start? I found some great meat recipes that could be just what you are looking for. These BBQ pork ribs and chicken drumsticks both sound really easy to make and not so flavoured that children wouldn’t enjoy them too. This killer burger recipe is sure to impress. Have you considered turkey burgers or salmon kebabs? If you fancy adding a Greek twist to your BBQ then these Keftedes would be a great idea. For something to really wow how about Beetroot and Feta beefburgers? Chicken kebabs or shish kebabs are a quick easy thing to add to the BBQ and lovely for all ages too, so much nicer than take away ones.

Vegetarians and vegans really don’t have to miss out with a BBQ. With so many tasty foods you can make ensure no one has to miss out on the fun. I am a vegetarian and love trying out different options like roasted vegetables on the BBQ,  .

The side dishes for a BBQ don’t have to be all bagged salad from the supermarket, how boring would that be? There are so many amazing recipes for great dips, salads and other sides that you will soon have a table full of unique and tasty dishes to accompany the BBQ. Pasta salad is so easy to make that you shouldn’t need to buy shop bought at all. With just 8 ingredients this one is just as good as shop bought ones but much cheaper! Why stop at savoury pasta salads though? This fruit pasta salad tastes amazing and is a really refreshing addition. A bit of a twist could be a Hawaiian pasta salad. Rice is always a nice addition to a BBQ, fruity rice especially which is why I wanted to share this Caribbean rice recipe with you. It is so refreshing and tasty the whole family will love it! Couscous is a lovely salad to make too, this wholesome couscous recipe was inspired by the Mediterranean.

Don’t forget the dips! In my eyes you can’t have a BBQ without a selection of dips so here are some you might like. Chimichurri sauce, Chinese style curry sauce, BBQ sauce or these healthy dips and sauces.

Have you ever consider making your own rolls? This bread recipe would mean you could genuinely say everything was homemade on your BBQ! I am absolutely loving this idea. After all why not really put the effort in and give your guests a BBQ to remember. Homemade bread always tastes nicer too don’t you think! If you want to go an extra step what about a homemade lemonade or strawberry watermelon punch?

Do you usually have desserts for your BBQ? If not then why not? Here are a few dessert recipes that might be perfect to add to your party! Watermelon Pizza, Brownies cooked on a BBQ or some vanilla baked cheesecake made earlier?

BBQ’s can be a healthy way of cooking. So much fat drops off the food as it cooks that is always beneficial not to mention it is a great way to encourage everyone to have salad. If you are trying to lose weight and want to make sure it is as healthy as possible remember to use as lean meats as you can and lower fat cheese. There are some tips on an article I wrote on my own blog here and some on another bloggers here. All these tips should mean you can have a BBQ and still lose weight if you wish!

Whilst you are cooking remember that you need to give your guests things to do. If you don’t want their help with the cooking then a great alternative could be to create your own photo booth. Keeping everyone safe of course is priority so make sure you keep children away from cooking areas. Getting a meat thermometer could be a really sensible move too so you know all the food is thoroughly cooked. There is nothing worse than everyone remembering your BBQ because it gave them food poisoning!

Hopefully everyone has great weather for their BBQ parties! Next month for the food roundup I will be sharing lunch ideas for work. If you have any submissions you would like me to include then drop me an email.

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  1. 11 June 2019 / 06:45

    Thanks for sharing these! We are so going to do a BBQ with both the fruit salad and the Hawaiian salad. Yummy!!
    Xoxo, K&E