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Last month I asked everyone what kind of spender are you? It seems a natural progression to now ask how you pay for the things that you do spend your money on. There is more to it than that. Recently I wrote post questioning is cash dead? The reason for this is with bank branch closures and the cost of maintaining ATMs cash is becoming increasing difficult to get hold of. A recent report by Access to Cash found that the average amount of cash people carry with them is £41. A quick peek in my purse found I had £11.90 which shows I don’t rely on cash to buy things with. With so many different ways to pay now cash may not be the most the popular option so what type of payer are you?

Cash for everything – You’ve never trusted credit or debit cards and you won’t risk carrying one around. Not only do you only carry cash but you have great wads of notes folded in your pocket. At least you know there’s still something you can hide from the taxman… For you cash is definitely king!

Credit card – Are you a spend now and hope to pay later kind of person? Does payday always feel like weeks away? Alternatively you put everything on your credit card as one day you will have enough points to fly from Gatwick to Manchester.

Debit card – You can proudly state you have never had a credit card and you have never been in debt. You do though worry about constantly being overdrawn and fear the text notification sound on your phone in case it is the bank warning you your account is dangerous close to being in the red.

Cheque – Anyone under the age of 25 looks completely baffled when you pull out your chequebook and ask who to make it out to. Writing a cheque is also an artform in itself as you always get out your trusty fountain pen and make sure you blot the cheque afterwards with the piece of paper you keep especially for such purposes.

Apple Pay – Who carries a wallet with cards in it these days? Whip out your phone and job done.

Apple Pay Watch – Phones are so cumbersome these days. Your watch can run your entire life and pay for everything as well. 

Android Pay – Every time you use it you feel smug that you’re not an Apple user.

Amex – Despite the fact many places don’t and have never accepted American Express you are still trying to use it everywhere you can. You also make sure that everyone else knows you’re trying to pay with an Amex card. Your only sadness is that you’ve never been allowed to have a Platinum card.

Contactless – You breathed a sigh of relief when they upped he limit from £20 to £30 because now you can buy a few more day’s groceries at the supermarket. The reason for this is that you haven’t a clue what your PIN number is and you really can’t be bothered to contact the bank to find out. When you do go to the supermarket the end of the conveyer belt is stacked high with the things you have to leave behind so you don’t go over £30.

The Contactless denier – “Is it Contactless?” asks the assistant, “No,” you reply firmly. Actually your card is Contactless but you would never act in such a care-free manner.

PayPal – The unbridled joy you feel when you see the PayPal symbol as a means of payment. You really don’t need that item but since all the money in your PayPal account is from selling your tat on eBay it’s like it’s not cost you anything. Anyway you can list it on eBay in a couple of months time.

Barter – Your kitchen is full of jars of jam, jellies and chutneys in the hope that you can persuade someone to take them as payment. Instead everyone crosses the road when they see you.

Direct debit – You think it means you will never be late or miss a payment. Instead it means you’re still paying for that gym membership three years after you last went. 

Bitcoin – You’re a Russian gangster.

Postal order – You send one to your nephew each year and now he is 18 he still doesn’t know what to do with the pile of postal orders you have sent for the previous 17 years.

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