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Finally: The ideal guide for talking back to sexism

Finally: The ideal guide for talking back to sexism
How to Stand Up to Sexism book cover

‘Smile for me, sweetheart.’

‘Boys will be boys.’

‘Don’t be so sensitive!’

These are some of the sexist digs and microaggressions that personally get under my skin. For years I’ve wrestled with how to respond, whether in the office, on the street or at work. There is a lot of advice on strategies, but what do we say in the moment, when the situations can vary so much? What do we do when it happens to our daughters? That’s what our latest project at BritMums is all about.

A book to respond to sexism as it happens

We teamed up with author and longtime friend of BritMums Toni Summers Hargis to answer that question. How to Stand Up to Sexism, out now, ensures you are never left speechless again. Sometimes we know a comment or action is wrong and want to say something, but are so shocked we end up silent. The book is full of words and phrases that deliver comebacks to everything from microaggressions to outright insults and worse, giving you or your loved ones the perfect response at your fingertips every time.

Why our children need this book

For us as parents, this book is an invaluable tool as we teach our children — both boys and girls — about sexism and how to respond to it. Sadly it’s more important and essential now than it has been for some time. Sexual harassment is a routine part of the school experience, according to Ofsted. The site Everyone’s Invited has highlighted how pervasive sexist behaviour, harassment and assault is among under 18s. And the government’s strategy is woefully inadequate.

How to Stand Up to Sexism won’t fix all that. And we’re not here to tell women and girls that it’s their responsibility to stop bad or even criminal behaviour. But we can speak up and let people know when they’ve said or done something unacceptable — and let them know we won’t accept it!

Empower yourself and your children by getting a copy of How to Stand Up to Sexism today. Buy it for a friend. Use it to start conversations that are hard to broach. You’ll be glad you did!

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Jennie | GinGin and Roo

Friday 16th of July 2021

Ah this looks absolutely brilliant. A must-read! I'd love to review this :)

Kameel Vohra

Saturday 10th of July 2021

This is such a great book concept. There's so many times where women (and men) are silent in the face of sexism, racism and other bigotry. Really like the idea of teaching people what to say when they're in that situation. Kudos.