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As much as I love summer, there’s something about autumn that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The colours, food, and clothing of autumn are all about being cosy and snugly.  However, there’s a flip side; the shorter darker days can get tough for expats from sunnier climes. Expat life can be adventure filled but what we don’t talk about often enough is the loneliness, isolation and alienation that can occur and as a result affect our mental health. Last month was World Mental Health Day. Social media was alight with personal stories of coming out on the other side of mental illness. I shared my story as well. Emma dedicated an entire blog post to breaking the taboo of expat mental health. This month’s expat round-up explores the ways of maintaining good mental health.

On the move

Everyone has their own trigger for ‘the blues’ sometimes is staying active helps. Visiting places that foster happiness and well being can be a big help. Relocating to places where your family can flourish is certainly a plus, even though the actual process can be stressful. Leona and her wandermust family are ready for the change. Their big news is they are moving to Abu Dhabi! 

I’m keeping busy, trying to relaunch back into the world of work.  It’s exciting but scary at the same time. After being a stay at home mum for seven years, my confidence is not at its highest  but I’m  moving forward on ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ mode.

Being Still

Meanwhile in Normandy, Natasha asks ‘How’s your French’. She explores how language barriers can affect expats mental health. Natasha says she believes the more comfortable you are with the language; you’re less likely to suffer from depression because you strike up a conversation with people.

Finding a balance and not sweating the small stuff helps avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety. Adele recently opened up about the challenges of home schooling and how she’s finding peace on the hard days of home schooling.

Has your expat life lead to depression or anxiety? How did you cope? Share you story with us.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s round-up. If you have a post you would to be considered for next month’s round-up, please email me on [email protected] or DM me on Twitter.


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