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Thanks to technological and transportation advancements, the world is getting smaller. As an expat, it’s a big comfort have affordable apps that make communication with loved ones back home much easier. I still remember the family outings to the telephone centre, when I was a child in Trinidad, to talk to my aunties in the USA. Now as an adult in England, I see how my children take it for guaranteed, the ease with which they can chat to family around the world via mobile phone apps. The one thing the apps can’t do is to replace physical presence. My little sister will be getting married next year. In an instant, I knew being present via an app would be not enough. I need to be there in the flesh for her big moment.  This month let’s explore how expats stay connected to family.



Connecting with family

Suzanne from the blog Chicken Ruby has joined us on the round up for the first time. She is from the UK and based in Pretoria. In blog Maintaining contact with family as an expat.

Suzanne talks about keeping copies of letters she sends and received. Of course, Facebook and messenger are part how she keeps in touch with the family back home. Read for blog post to find out other clever ways she keeps connected to her family.


Connecting with friends

When you become a parent your life changes in unimaginable ways. Through in expat life and … well… it can be isolating. Reading about Emma’s girls’ trip I felt slightly envious, maybe you might too. However, what she’s shown us in her post My Girls is that some friendships never die. She says, ‘I didn’t even think I didn’t feel like me before we came away but my goodness I feel like me now.’



There is a saying ‘after joy comes sorrow’. For an expat it can be that ache at your core. It’s a longing for home. Jenny from Travelynn Family has shared some tips on How to Deal with Homesickness as an Expat. Top of the list is to ‘Live in your new home mentally’. Try calling it home.

There aren’t enough articles about expats and mental health. Now, I’m not saying homesickness is a mental health issue. It’s perfectly normal. However, to avoid getting into a tail spin of misery, try Jenny’s suggestions and be good to yourself.



I hope you enjoyed this month’s round-up. It will be my last as your Editor. I’ve enjoyed reading and sharing your stories. The new editor will make his/her self known shortly. I’m still a part of the network, so feel free to email or message me on [email protected] or Twitter @MsXpat .

Be good to yourself.

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