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In a few days we will vote for our next governing party and I’m disappointed to have heard so little discussion about the environment. I agree with Caroline Lucas from The Green Party that “without a prosperous and thriving environment, there cannot be a prosperous and thriving economy.”  And I suspect many parents are keen to leave our children an Earth we haven’t damaged. 

The environment is connected to all parts of lives from the energy we use, food we eat, products we buy and of course the waste we produce. Yet, when I hunted around for information on where each party stands on the environment it is not easy to find for this election.  The best I’ve found is Manifesto Guide on the BBC website, although it is disappointing that environment is not an issue on its own.

Anyway, on with what you have been writing, which I’m sure is much more inspiring.



It is all about reusing toilet paper rolls this month and one option is to read the round up on Incridibusy Useful things to make with toilet paper rolls or the following posts that were submitted to me:

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Information and waste reduction

I hope you’re feeling inspired by the huge variety of topics in this month’s post. If so please comment below or on the relevant post to encourage blogger to keep sharing their environmental ideas.  Don’t forget to let me know what topics you want to know more about or to send me links to your posts for the next round-up via my blog or tweet me @katedavis

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    I’m so glad I found this round-up today 🙂

    What’s the best way to stay up to date?

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