Education Round-up: School places and testing

education round-upFor most parents, and their children of course, returning from Easter break is the start of a stressful few months school-wise so I’m starting this BritMums Education Round-up with a little humour from Babi a Fi with their (tongue in cheek) look at the British Education System.

School Places

This week sees most parents find out where their 4-year olds will be going to school come September. Its a nail biting time for us personally as we are hoping that our youngest daughter gets a sibling place at her big sister’s school even though we are out of catchment. I honestly don’t know how we would cope with children in two different schools.

If this week brings with it bad news regarding your school places, and I really hope it doesn’t, these posts from Tea or Wine and Charly Dove on what to do next are well worth reading.

If your children are older and heading to senior school this year then you should already know where they will be going to school. Moving in with a Boy has a great post about preparing for the transition from the view of a teacher.

I also enjoyed reading Mum of Three World talk about how her son is finally learning to have confidence in his own ability at secondary school – I guess the worry never stops as a parent does it.

Testing, Reports & Pressure

While school places may not be a worry for you this year, there are SATs, entrance exams, GCSEs and A Levels to contend with.

Writing Bubble has written a post, No, Mr Cameron, No, articulating their thoughts on what this kind of pressure may do to children so young. Little Lilly Pad has also shared her thoughts on the SATs and discussed how she is going to treat it like just another normal week at school. Meanwhile Chelsea Mamma has discovered a great new revision app for teenagers and The B Man and The L Girl have reflected on just how much learning takes place informally everyday.

If you blog about education over the next month and would like to be included in the MayBritMums Education Round-up please so tweet me a link to @imalicelangley, contact me via my blog or email me at [email protected]. I look forward to connecting with you all.

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