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Easter craft ideas for kids and adults of all ages

Easter craft ideas for kids and adults of all ages

This month’s craft round up is a collection of Easter craft ideas for kids of all ages. As Easter is approaches it’s time to think of fun activities and crafts for the whole family. Everyone in our family is exhausted after just 2 weeks back at school!

Easter should be a time to relax, start to gradually spend time with family and have a little fun. With that in mind we have compiled a collection of Easter crafts for kids. And also a little inspiration for us Mums and Dads. Hey crafting should be just for kids right? Also check out these gorgeous spring fairy crafts for some extra spring inspiration.

Easter Craft Ideas For All The Family

Easter craft ideas for kids, and a few for parents too!

Easter crafts for younger children

Susan K Mann has created a wonderful collection of easy to make Easter animals. The great thing about these cuties is they can easily be made with things from around the home or lurking in the craft cupboard. There’s nothing better than re-using and recycling is there?

Easter Craft Ideas For Kids

Louse and Sophie over at Little Hearts Big Love have created these hanging egg decorations with a religious feel. I know this is something important to Louise and love how she has incorporated it into her crafting. The decorations are made of foam so make a great sensory multi textured Easter craft idea for children.

Easter Craft Ideas For Younger Kids

Sheep are a huge part of spring, living in the countryside we are mid lambing season which is just glorious. So when I saw these handprint sheep from Sarah at Whimsical Mumblings, I just had to include them. It’s such a simple but effective Easter craft that kids will adore.

Sheep Hand Crafts

If your kids love animal crafts they will adore these Easter chick bubble wrap plates created by Anna from In The Play Room. Paper plates are a perfect base for crafting, hence having a supply ready to go to create these cuties is a the perfect way to keep the kids engaged during the holidays.

Easter Chic Plates

Its always worth keeping and re using household rubbish, and I love how Jenny from the Gingerbread House has create these cute Easter Chicks out of recycled cardboard. Kids are so aware of sustainability so its a great way to practice it at home too.

Easter Chics made from recycle cardboard

Another great project from Eva at Captain Bobcat, this time using recycled paper is this recycled hanging Easter egg garland. I love how people are so resourceful, using old magazines and newspaper to make bright colourful decorations.

Easter egg Garland

Easter Crafting On The Go

And Jenny from Travelynn Family although a travel blogger, wanted to share a craft she loves to create with her boys on the road in their Bongo.

This super simple Easter craft activity using A clothes peg, card, colouring pens / pencils, blue tac and scissors. Draw an egg shape on your paper card (about the size of a Cadbury Cream Egg), colour it in and cut it out. Then draw a crack across the middle and cut this out too. Next draw and colour a small 20 pence sized chick, colour it in and cut it out. 
Using the blue tac, place the bottom half of the egg on the bottom finger of the peg, and the top half of the egg on the top finger of the peg. Stick the chick on the back side of the bottom finger of the peg so that it looks like it is popping out of the bottom half of the egg when the peg opens. 
Open and close your peg to watch the chick hatch! This can also be adapted for other creatures. My boys also created dinosaur and robot eggs!


Easter Craft Ideas To Make Cards And Gifts

Creating your own Easter cards and gifts is so much more rewarding and I love these super cute Easter Bunny cards and gift jars created by Maria from Suburban Mum. They are so simple but effective.

Home Made bunny cards

Additionally, whilst we are chatting Easter gifts I have created dinosaur and castle cream egg holders. These are perfect to make cream eggs look a little bit more special. I have teenagers, and even they got excited about these! They also make great additions to any Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg holders

Easter Craft Ideas For Home Decor

This stunning spring wreath created by Becky over at Pinks Charming is perfect for a little lasting floral spring decor. Becky has offered several beautiful decor options, to allow you to get really creative.

Spring wreath for home decor

To get your interior feeling all Easter ready and to also get the whole family into the spirit. Caro for the Twinkle Diaries has created this cute Easter Bunny garland. This can be made on a Cricut or cut out by hand so is an activity you can make alone for a bit crafting tranquility, or indeed involve the kids,

Bunny Garland To Decorate Your Home

For more Easter Decor ideas to get the kids involved, Natalie created this wonderful Easter tree. It’s such a great opportunity to get the kids free-styling and a little creative, and kids do love freestyle crafting done they?

How to make an Easter Tree

Egg decorations come in so many shapes and forms and these hanging Easter eggs from Emma at Little Miss Eden Rose are so pretty, you can use a variety of papers to create bright colourful easter decorations. Although Emma has designed these on her Cricut, you can also cut them out by hand.

Easter Hanging Decorations

If sewing is your thing try these hanging felt eggs from Emma at Bubbablue & Me. This is a great project to get into sewing as it very simple to follow, but makes effective colourful decorations.

Felt egg hanger

Easter Activities With Printables

Not all kids get excited at the site of a craft box and stick of glue. Vicky from the Mummy Bubble recognised this and created a set of interactive kids Easter printables. Ranging from games, to colouring pages, they promise keep the little minds busy. There are some great options, which are colourful and exciting.

Printables For Easter Activities with kids

These printables created by Becky from Simple Parenting are perfect to incorporate nature into your craft activities. It’s so handy to have activities ready to printed for those moments when you just need a quick activity. These printable eggs could be ready in a plastic wallet ready to go foraging for supplies to for kids to create beautiful natural Easter works of art.

Easter Nature art with printable

Another great printable to get your out and about this Easter, is this fab scavenger hunt with clues ad tips on how to set up a scavenger hunt from Jen and The Mad House.

Easter Egg Hunt for Kids with Printable Clues

Science-based crafts for kids

For enquiring minds, this naked egg project from Childs Play ABC is a little mind-blowing. Its also a great opportunity to keep kids engaged in science, which makes it fun Easter craft idea! Projects like this are what make kids fall in love with science.

Science Easter Crafts For Kids

You can’t have an Easter craft ideas round up and not have cress heads. But these cress heads are a little bit special being of the super hero variety. Emma for Mummy, Mummy, Mum has created there perfect super hero Easter project. Which ticks all the boxes for enquiring minds.

Easter Craft Ideas, Cress Head Eggs For Easter

For Easter craft ideas for scrapbooking layouts

Its wonderful creating all these memories but its also great to have somewhere to record them and Donna from Like Love Do has created a beautiful set of flower cut files for Easter and spring scrapbooking layouts. This is such a wonderful way to document seasons.

For Easter Craft Ideas For Scrapbooking Layouts

And that is for our Easter Craft Round Up! I hope that’s given you a little inspiration for crafts and activities for all levels or ability and inclination.

Next month I will be sharing crafting activities for Eid, so do let me know if you have any?

Happy Easter, Sarah

More great Easter ideas for families

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Here are 19 Easter craft ideas for kids of all ages! Toddlers/Preschool to adults will enjoys these easy crafts. They are DIY, fun and so simple to make!

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Susan B

Monday 5th of April 2021

Fabulous Ideas! It is so important to get children crafting when they are young.

Louise Blackman

Sunday 28th of March 2021

Brilliant craft ideas for Easter 🐣 loving the superhero cress heads!!

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