Dads Round-up: The rise of the stay-at-home dad

Their number is small but growing. Dads who eschew the traditional role of bread-winner in favour of staying at home are on the rise.

It’s a choice more dads are taking up on either a permanent or a temporary basis. Even more are adopting flexible working practices so they can be involved in drop-offs and pick-ups, attend nursery and school events and generally take on a greater share of childcare.

So this month I’m focussing on posts by stay-at-home dads. Let’s see what they have to say, shall we?

The old hands

Let’s start with the doyen of domestic daddies, John from Dad Blog UK. You may have seen him on the BBC Breakfast sofa or heard him on the Today programme last month. He was talking about research by the charity Working Families that highlights the growing risk of a ‘Fatherhood Penalty‘. This points to more dads downshifting to a shorter week or a less stressful job to achieve better work-life balance. It’s a dilemma that has faced working mums for years. But with more dads striving for a better balance, employers face a significant challenge if they want to retain skilled dads in the workplace. John articulated the dads’ side of the argument with his usual eloquence.

Away from the media limelight, have a chuckle at John’s (mis)adventures fabricating an ancient Greek costume for his daughter. How did he get on? The title of his post – Making a costume: I got it wrong again – may provide a clue.

Tom aka Diary of the Dad also graced our TVs and radios in the same week as John talking about dads and work-life balance. He writes about the experience in My TV debut.

Being a stay-at-home-dad-slash-full-time-blogger has certain benefits. One of these is that he is generally present for all the milestones working dads often miss out on. A strange rite of passage recounts one particular ritual he had conducted with his two sons that he has now completed with his daughter Amelie.

In a slightly different vein, Simon‘s blog Man vs Pink regularly broaches the topic of gender stereotypes and positive female role models. He often does this through the filter of media such as toys, films and comic-book characters. In reviewing Lego’s latest superhero ranges, Simon makes several excellent points about the importance of prominent female and ethnically diverse superheroes for girls (and boys) to associate with. Of course, simply by being a stay-at-home dad he’s already tearing down gender divides for his daughter.

The new boys

Finlay, who blogs over at Daddy Poppins, is a relative newcomer to the parent blogging scene. He quit his job last year to become a stay-at-home dad and reviews his progress to date in Things I’ve learned since becoming a stay-at-home dad. Among his hard-earned life lessons are such familiar gems as ‘you can never have enough wet wipes’ and ‘kids are a great excuse to watch cartoons’. How many of his list of 40 will have you nodding along in agreement? The vast majority, I’m willing to bet.

Father-of-two Richard from 2 Bottles of Milk and a Packet of Nappies has been blogging for four years. However, a medical diagnosis has recently led to him joining the ranks of stay-at-home dads. His post Change explains the circumstances behind this as he embarks on a new stage of his parenting journey.

And finally …

Finally, on a lighter note Dave at The DADventurer remarks on the repetitiveness of being a stay-at-home parent. As he describes in his post Parenting Groundhog Day and playing toddler bingo, to make the daily routine less monotonous, he has compiled a bingo card containing 16 of the most common phrases he uses with Toddler L. It could catch on …

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    Great round up Tim, thanks for the mention. Keep up the good work representing us dad bloggers.