Dad Blogger Round-up: Homeschool, grandparents & sweet little lies

Is anyone else still wading through ungodly amounts of chocolate? The grandparents out-did themselves this year in our family. I’ve had to take on the extra load in an evening during the Netflix binge. 

Anyway, you’re here to see what’s happening in the world of Dad Blogs. So unwrap another Easter egg and have a look at these Dad’s I’ve come across this month…


First up, Ross from Isablog and his post Thinking About Home Education. Home education is something I actually do with my 5 year old so this post is massively relevant for me personally. I honestly believe that ALL parents should at least investigate Home Education and do their research before packing their kids off to school. It’s not for everyone but it’s worth some time thinking about. Ross talks about some of the pro’s that come with home education in his post and I found myself nodding along as I’m living them every day!

Next up is a topic I think about often and find so important in a child’s upbringing. Carl at Dadtastic Voyage writes The Ties That Bind | My Kids Relationship With Their Grandparents. Carl talks about the importance of the relationship between his children and his parents, their grandparents. Its a wonderful connection that these two generations either side of ours can build. I’m trying to put more effort into maintaining/nurturing these relationships in our family too because as Carl indicates, these relationships are vital and so positive for young people. 

Something a little different to what you’d expect in this round-up. Matthew at Dad Up North and his series A Dad, A Daughter And 2 Plastic Chairs. I love that Matthew has stripped back all of his content to concentrate solely on what he had first intended when starting his blog, his daughter. I’m enjoying his video series that’s such a simple format, exactly as the title intends. I love that there’s no money or brand collaboration motivation, the content is simply about Matthew and his daughter.

Let’s throw an Easter one in here, it has just been Easter after all. Tom from Diary Of The Dad tells us of his Easter of deception in Sweet Little Lies: My Easter Of Deceit. Are these little white lies we tell our children of the Easter Bunny harmless or should we be telling the truth? You decide. 

And finally, Benny aka Daddy Poppins. What It Means To Be A Dad – I’ll leave you with this, it says it all, you’re welcome.  


There you have it, another 5 great Dad Blogs that are continually creating quality content. There’s is of course a sixth that I highly recommend, that’ll be me then! 

Until next time, David 🙂 


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